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The Trait System allows for deeper personalization and customization of characters. As well as adding a hint of uniqueness with the ability to choose from multiple traits provided below, DS members have the opportunity to create their own traits that both they, and the site as a whole may use*.

Born with certain traits, characters can or have gained abilities or skills over their career as shinobi, however, there is always room for expansion and growth. In nearly every trait there are three tiers, save the occasionally the rarity, and the current tier your character has achieved indicates their ability level within that specific trait. With every move to the next tier, not only is your previous tier replaced by the new, but your character gains access to an even more expanded version of their ability or skill. Aside from replacement by the next tier, once you've chosen or gained a trait you are not able to remove or exchange it for a separate one, and with a limited number of traits slots, it's important to be conscious of whichever traits you choose for your character. Accessing new tiers of current traits is achieved through Experience Points, and the cost of each individual tier of a trait varies greatly. Awarded thru a variety of methods, these experience points, or EXP, are also the pathway to unlocking new traits altogether and, with the trait slots avaliable, unlocking new skills and abilities for your character is straightforward and extensive.

While every character begins at the same starting point, a certain amount of EXP and Character Trait slots are given with your character's rank boost in order to reflect the experiences and abilities they've gathered since the beginning. Though this means a Jounin may be a more fleshed out as a character, they are rather set in their ways to a degree, and somewhat more stunted in their growing ability compared to a Genin, who is free to explore nearly any branch of the shinobi tree, so its important to put a lot of thought into which path to take. The effects of this are a bit more amplified by the limitations set on available trait slots. The higher in rank that your initial rank boost is, the lower your overall cap is on available slots, so while you do in fact gain more traits upfront, as well as the ability to begin leveling them up right off the bat, the amount of traits you're character will have access to in the end is lower. The chart below breaks this down in a bit further detail.

The majority of abilities not related to a specialization are relegated to traits. Anything that your shinobi can do outside of performing jutsu is considered a trait, something they were born with or learned or a habit they've picked up. over their life. Whether its a physical advantage like being notable faster or stronger than others or something more unique like possessing a bloodline or a legendary weapon, traits couple with specializations in providing an index of what your character is capable of. For example, if your character gains a kkg, whether through a rank boost or as a result of in rp actions, they also need the kkg trait added to their list. This is done not only so that there is a written record of what your character can do, but also so that no one character can possess every power under the sun. The limitations this sets in place also encourage a more thought out plan for characters, as there are only so many trait slots one can use before there simply are no more for them.

Traits are also the manner in which clashes with other shinobi are solved. For the most part, the difference in physical abilities of shinobi all fall within a comparable range, meaning that though some are naturally stronger or faster, the difference isn't so large that it warrants a change in play style. This is changed, however, with the addition of traits. If two shinobi are going head to head, though with one side possessing a speed trait, the contender with the trait is significantly faster than their opponent, and it will show in rp. Taking this to the next level, if both contenders possess a speed trait, the tier that they have each achieved in that trait becomes the tie breaker. If, by chance, both characters happen to have the same tier of the same trait, the effects of this trait are merely cancelled out when used against each other, much the same as jutsu clashes work.

Custom Character Traits

A major aspect of DS' trait system is the custom character trait feature, and this section delves into it. As well as the ones provided, DS members are able to devise their own unique character traits, including everything from its effects on the user to the way it operates in each new tier. Members can also submit their trait to be added to the list of traits on this page available to everyone else or if they'd like, or keep them all to themselves. Similar to how jutsu and weapons are written up, the custom trait should include things like its name, amount of tiers, individual in-character effects that come with each tier, the EXP it costs to obtain, and whether or not you'd like it to be for forum wide use. When placed in your Inventory Thread for approval, a member of staff will review the trait and either approve it, deny it, or inform you of where and what sort of changes need to be made. Once this process is through with, your trait can be added your character's template, and even this thread, if you so choose.

Name: Name of your Character Trait.

Amount of Tiers: How many tiers does the trait contain?

Effects: What are, in detail, the effects on people that possess this character trait? Please make an explanation for each separate tier if they do something different enough from each other.

EXP Cost: How much EXP does someone need to put in to unlock this trait? Again, please be specific for each tier, if applicable.

Is it for everyone, or just for yourself? Please put Restricted or Open.


[b]Name:[/b] [i]Name of your Character Trait.[/i]

[b]Amount of Tiers:[/b] [i]How many tiers does the trait contain?[/i]

[b]Effects:[/b] [i]What are, in detail, the effects on people that possess this character trait? Please make an explanation for each separate tier if they do something different enough from each other.[/i]

[b]EXP Cost:[/b][i]How much EXP does someone need to put in to unlock this trait? Again, please be specific for each tier, if applicable.[/i]

[b]Use:[/b][i]Is it for everyone, or just for yourself? Please put Restricted or Open.[/i]

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The four steps tests which make up a regimented path towards mastering a given specialization. In order to pass these trials you must have reached a certain level of Mastery over the relative specialization. More information on how to pass these trials can be found in the Village Information thread.

There are also a few additional rules to keep in mind when attempting to complete one of the Steps:

  • Although these are posted in the format of "Missions" they do not give normal mission rewards. Instead, a unique reward will be granted based on which Step of which Peak you challenge.

  • It is only possible to "fail" if your Specialization PP doesn't meet the minimum requirements. However, if your PP exceeds the requirements by at least 25% or greater you can pass it with such ease that it may astonish the proctor overseeing the exam to varying degrees.

  • You may attempt a Step as many times as you like, but you may only gain a reward for completion once.

Ninjutsu Peak Steps

Name: The First Step
Rank: Disciple
Reward: Simply, what are the rewards for this particular mission or quest.
Mastery Requirement: The suggest rank necessary to complete the mission or quest.

Taijutsu Peak Steps

Name: The First Step
Rank: Disciple
Reward: Simply, what are the rewards for this particular mission or quest.
Mastery Requirement: The suggest rank necessary to complete the mission or quest.

Bukijutsu Peak Steps

Name: The First Step
Rank: Disciple
Reward: Simply, what are the rewards for this particular mission or quest.
Mastery Requirement: The suggest rank necessary to complete the mission or quest.

Kugutsu Peak Steps

Name: The First Step
Rank: Disciple
Reward: Simply, what are the rewards for this particular mission or quest.
Mastery Requirement: The suggest rank necessary to complete the mission or quest.

Reikijutsu Peak Steps

Name: The First Step
Rank: Disciple
Reward: Simply, what are the rewards for this particular mission or quest.
Mastery Requirement: The suggest rank necessary to complete the mission or quest.

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The Inner Peaks are the perfect place to train your skills in various types of jutsu. The following bonuses are currently in effect.

Post EXP: All thread that take place in the Outer Peaks will grant an additional 5exp per post.

PP Gains: Each of the 5 main peaks offers specialized training in their relative specialization. Depending on which peak you have access to, you are now able to gain an extra 2% on top of your normal PP gains from training threads which take place on the Inner Peaks.
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The Outer Peaks are a great place to train your skills in various types of jutsu. The following bonuses are currently in effect:

Post Exp: All thread that take place in the Outer Peaks will grant an additional 5exp per post.

PP Gains: All training threads focused on training Percentage Points for a given specialization will be granted an additional 1% of PP upon completion and approval of the thread.
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Non Playable Characters (NPC)

For characters that solely exist within a storyline, mission/quest, or training thread, there is the Non Playable Characters or NPC. These are, as the name implies, are not controlled by the role player in a thread, but rather they are controlled by staff or completely autonomous or their reactions are predetermined by the creator. This allows certain in-character story aspects to play out smoothly and without much effort on the part of those involved in the thread. However, while these characters can be used in threads, both story and training, certain products cannot be gained from or thru NPCs. All of this is dependent on a number of factors, so check with what you're attempting to gain first.
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Hyousei Ichimine


AGE: 32


VILLAGE: Kumogakure

RANK: Kage


AFFINITY: Lightning




At 32 years of age, the Raikage is showing signs of age but can still be considered to be in his prime. He stands 6'11" tall and sports a muscular body with a broad frame. He bares the darker complexion that is common in those from Kumogakure tinted darker still by a life of adventuring and working outdoors. His white hair is shaved on the sides of his head leaving a somewhat wild tuft on top that turns into a shoulder length ponytail tied at the back of his head. His eyes are a bright red and a large cross shaped scar marks his face centered on his forehead and passing over his eyelids.

The kage's casual robes are a simple design and don't really give off the aura of respect one might expect a kage to have. He looks like a simple beggar in his light grey robes and simple white shirt underneath. A pair of sandals and a bone white walking cane complete his meager outfit. The man is only ever seen wearing his Kage's haori and hat during official events and ceremonies. On missions however, you're likely to find that Hyousei is equipped with typical high ranking shinobi gear. Chainmail covered by a kumo chest protector and combat pants with shinobi tool pouches.


The Raikage is a bundle of contradictions which make up his outer demeanor and inner workings. In action he is aloof and distant never seeming to be particularly close even within his "inner circle" of school teachers and long time acquaintances. Yet when interacting with others who are attached to the academy there is an undeniable warmth behind the kage's posture, tone, and gaze as if he were in the presence of a dear family member. He acts decisively and quickly in times of crisis, holding in his heart an unshakeable conviction that his ambitions are pure, but there are endless doubts within Hyousei's mind on how best to go about achieving those ambitions and if the latest step on that path was the right one.

Hyousei trusts no one, but trusts that those who graduate from his academy will be strong enough to make his dreams a reality. There are few things he works towards in the long term other than the growth of students and accomplishing his grand designs which see Kumogakure reigning supreme over all other nations. The shame and pride of his people's history drives him to leave a scar so deep and profound in the world history that none shall ever forget the glory of Kumogakure.

Driven by his conviction for a strong and dominant Kumo, Hyousei treads his path in life with stoic care and well placed compassion so as not to invite unwanted enemies until it is already too late for his dreams to be stopped. The village and the academy and the expansion of their power and influence take full priority in his life.


Jade Emperor Inheritor

Hyousei is the sole direct inheriting disciple of a long deceased fuuinjutsu specialist. A legendary figure known to present day only as the "Jade Emperor". The Jade Emperor left behind a single scroll seemingly made of stone, which contained countless records of his research into seals.

Stage 1 - The scroll appears to be made of stone and is rolled shut. There are small engravings littering the outside of the scroll an each small marking contains an entire thesis on a single seal and its various nuances. Mastering this stage by fully comprehending every engraving allows the disciple to perform the Mirror Shadow Seal technique as well as the seal to unlock stage two.

Stage 2 - The scroll changes from grey stone to a cloudy jade and becomes fluid like water as it unfurls before taking solid form again. The number of small engravings increases exponentially and the focus required to study them increases tenfold. This stage allows the user to begin making their own seals derived from the Mirror Shadow Seal and also includes instructions on how to lay down a Grand Mirror Realm Seal.

Stage 3 - Locked


  • Leadership Tier 3

  • --

  • --

  • --

  • --

  • --


Ninjutsu: 60%

Taijutsu: 60%

Genjutsu: 0%

Bukijutsu: 80%

Doujutsu: 0%

Kugutsu: 0%

Fūinjutsu: 100%

Reikijutsu: 0%


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Kumogakure | Five Peaks Academy

Entry Test
This is the formal test any Initiate or Disciple must take before gaining access to any given peak. It is a simple display of skill in one of the five specializations associated with the five Inner Peaks. Those Specializations are Ninjutsu, Taijustu, Bukijutsu, Reikijutsu, and Kugutsu. The sixth "Hidden Peak" can not be entered using the entry test method as its disciples are scouted and approached in secret.
[In order to pass the test, you must have at least 10% PP in the relative Specialization.]

The Four Steps
Upon gaining access to an Inner Peak, you gain the right to challenge its Four Steps. Each of the five peaks has its own unique trials you must overcome and the specific details of these trials will be listed in the format of Quests which will be posted as stickied topics in the Inner Peak boards. However, the requirements for completing each of the four steps are essentially the same:

First Step - In order to pass the First Step, you must have at least 39% PP in the relevant Specialization.

Second Step - In order to pass the Second Step, you must have at least 49% PP in the relevant Specialization.

Third Step - In order to pass the Third Step, you must have at least 79% PP in the relevant Specialization.

Fourth Step - In order to pass the Fourth Step, you must have at least 90% PP in the relevant Specialization.

Academy Ranks and Benefits

The majority of Kumogakure's village shinobi double as academy students. The reason for this is that there are far better opportunities offered by the Academy and most of the village status and resources can be obtained there:

Initiate - Access to the Outer Peaks and its training grounds. Access to Initiate Housing. The right to take an Inner Peak Entry Test.
Disciple - Access to an Inner Peak and its various Steps. Access to Disciple Housing on an Inner Peak. The right to challenge the First Step of an Inner Peak.
Inner Disciple - Your clan or family can be moved to an Inner Peak Estate. The right to challenge the Second Step of an Inner Peak where you've completed the First Step. Access to Teacher/Core Disciple NPCs for use in training threads.
Core Disciple - The right to challenge the Third Step of an Inner Peak where you've completed the Second Step. Access to the Peak Master/Alumni NPCs for missions and training threads.
Teacher - You gain a Personal Estate. The right to challenge the Fourth Step of an Inner Peak where you have completed the Third Step.
Alumni - The right to challenge a Peak Master

Academy Housing

Initiate Housing
Scattered throughout the Outer Peaks one can find many buildings that are similar to the Basic Housing normal villagers are offered. However, Initiates are never forced to share rooms and the food provided is of a notable increase in quality. These may not be customized.

Disciple Housing
A private cave abode carved into one of the Five Peaks. Though a cave may not sound luxurious, they are much larger than the initiate housing and can be furnished however the occupant pleases. Each cave is large enough for a Disciple to train in should they wish and full meals are delivered by Initiates. The food provided to Disciple Housing is nourishing and exotic having been prepared by academy shinobi chefs. These may be customized aesthetically, but no functional upgrades.

Inner Peak Estate
Near the bottom of the Inner Peak Mountains are many plateaus upon which grand estates have been built. These estates are large complexes with their own security and multiple buildings held within. Even the largest of clans could move into one of these estates and still have room to spare. These estates are still owned by the Academy, however, and are revoked if no member of the occupying clan has been an Inner Disciple or greater for over a year. These may be customized aesthetically but not functionally. Each Inner Peak Estate will get its own Sub-Board in Kumogakure.

Personal Estate
Found up near the top of the Five Peaks, these large "floating" estates are built and suspended in air just next to the inner peak of which the occupant is a Teacher or higher. The Personal Estate is identical to an Inner Peak Estate, however it is gifted to the occupant as a residence for life and is fully customizable. If a player wishes to turn their Personal Estate into a lab or a fortress for their personal army, the school will look the other way so long as their interests are not threatened. In effect, it becomes like a mini-outpost within the village. The occupant can request assistance from the school in establishing upgrades and renovations to these estates, though not all requests will be granted.

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Kumogakure is a village among the clouds suspended in the mountains of Kaminari no Kuni. The shinobi village itself has been mostly absorbed into the "Five Peaks Academy" and serves more as a military arm of the school and as a diplomatic tool between other villages. The Raikage and Head of the academy are one in the same, Hyousei Ichimine. Under the Godaime Raikage's rule, villagers who are not part of the school have very limited access to village space and resources, making enrollment not only a means of training, but also of obtaining social status and resources within the village.

The village is located deep within a steep mountainous region known for its many rivers flowing through its valleys. The village itself consists of buildings that are circular in structure. These structures are built into and around the mountains and some are even suspended in mid air between the mountains. There are also many caves and coves that have been explored and renovated. Bridges extend between the mountains and buildings forming a network of literal "high"ways between various mountains and districts making access and travel somewhat more convenient.

The village border in all directions has guard houses which watch for intruders and monitor traffic going in and out of the village. Within village boundaries there are various areas that are off limits unless certain requirements are met. The Lower half of all the mountains within the village borders except the central six can be considered the Village District. The upper half of those mountains are considered part of the Outer Peaks. The central six mountains are called the Inner Peaks with the sixth "Hidden Peak" being at the center of the other five.

The Village District is full of new construction, though most of the residential buildings in the area are small shared housing and not particularly pleasant to live in as a family. Various production and economic buildings can be found here as well and it is the heart of commerce within Kumogakure. The influx of refugees and traffic from academy students enjoying some free time make this a very busy area where traffic from all over mingles. The village entrance and mission administration is also located here.

The Outer Peaks of the Five Peaks Academy are where registration to become a disciple can be found. Across the outer peaks one can find Initiate housing and various simple training grounds. There are also a few reserved grounds where teachers or students from the Five Peaks will sometimes offer lectures or training exercises to Initiates and Disciples. One might also find that certain high profile clans or families occupy some of these mountains.

The Inner Peaks is the heart and core of the Five Peaks academy and where its namesake comes from. All Disciples and above are allowed to move in and reside in Disciple Housing on one of the five peaks and upon reaching the rank of Inner Disciple their clan or family can be given one of the many Inner Peak Estates. Each peak has its own specialized type of jutsu which are taught there and all Teachers of the school have been given housing near the top of the peaks. The leader of each peak is treated almost like a kage within their own personal peak, even the Academy Head is expected to give them face when dealing with internal affairs of each individual peak.

Secreted away in the center of the five Inner Peaks is another mountain. The unassuming Hidden Peak is where the Raikage, Academy Administration, and the 7 Tails Bijuu are located. A high security area with very strict access policies, it is where village and school secrets are kept. The few allowed access here couldn't even tell you what they've seen even if they wanted to as seals prevent it.

Village Ranks and Benefits
Though rare, some choose to remain strictly part of the village as shinobi. These individuals receive few perks or resources from the village:

Genin - Access to the Village District and Basic Housing.
Chunin - Access to Danger Zones and missions beyond Danger Zones.
Jonin - Access to Private Village Housing.

No other perks or benefits can be gained through the village regardless of ranks beyond this other than access to more dangerous missions.

Village Housing
Here you can find the details on all the various types of housing that were referred to in the information above:

Basic Housing
Located within large buildings, small mass produced units comparable to dorm room. Bathroom facilities are public and shared, as are dining areas. The units might comfortably fit one, but entire families are crammed into them with the village policy setting the maximum occupancy before a new room is allowed to 4 residents. This leads to very cramped spaces for families and its even possible to get forcefully roomed with strangers. The food offered is free and it isn't slop, but there is little variety. These units are owned by the village and cannot be customized.

Private Village Housing
These are specialized houses for shinobi who have proved themselves useful to the village. These homes are large enough to comfortably house a family of three. They contain most basic amenities and are located closer to the markets. Still, these units are owned by the village and cannot be customized.
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For the past several generations the Hidden Cloud village had maintained an isolationist policy. The would take on missions for the daimyo of the Land of Lightning, however the village maintained a strict refusal to take any action against the other great nations on the daimyo's behalf. This policy was instated by the first Raikage and was perpetuated by his successors for over a century. It was a decision based on a desire to protect the families and clans which had assembled to form the village during its foundation.

Aside from a brief war with Iwagakure during the Second Raikage's era, Kumo remained largely removed from the conflicts and skirmishes that took place between other villages. This war was as bloody as it was short, however, and it made the village elders realize the importance of building up strength. It was during this time that a secret mission to capture the 7-tails took place. Though many of the village's most skilled shinobi lost their lives, the bijuu was successfully sealed within the heart of the mountains that the village was built upon. After the bijuu was captured, the village returned to its isolationist ways while also promoting a culture that valued strength above all else.

The Third Raikage maintained the policies the Second put in place before his death of old age and kept the village out of conflict while also encouraging power as the most important cultural value within the village. His reign lasted for 80 years and during this time several generations of shinobi grew up under the doctrine that might makes right. In time, the people of the village began to see themselves as superior to all other villages, justifying their isolation with sentiments that the other villages were simply too weak to be worth their time. Unfortunately, this was not truly the case.

The Fourth Raikage was raised to believe the village was the strongest gathering of shinobi on earth. However, when the Third retired and passed on the mantle of Raikage, he also passed on a sobering truth. The fact was, while Kumo enjoyed countless years of peace, the other villages had been tempering themselves through endless conflicts. The Third revealed to the Fourth that the Elite Jonin within the village was comparable only to the common Chunin found among the other villages. Only a select few knew of this truth, allowing the rest of the village to rot under the weight of a misled pride.

Ashamed and terrified by this revelation, the Fourth Raikage set a plan into motion in hopes of changing the village from a gathering of arrogant weaklings into the real icon of might and strength he had idealized in his youth. The Fourth Raikage chose an orphan from within the village and adopted him as a son. This child was to be the future Fifth Raikage, but his fate was not to remain within the village. After receiving training by the Fourth till the age of six, the boy was sent on a journey across the shinobi world where he was to train under and learn from shinobi across all manner of background, nation, and creed. In the meantime, the Fourth started cracking down on training within the village, pushing the standards for shinobi higher so as to match those of the other villages. Twenty-two years later, the boy had returned as a man, bringing with him a former exile of the village and other allies he had gathered along the way on his trip. The Fourth named him as the Fifth Raikage and then retired to act as an elder and provide council.

The Fifth Raikage quickly arranged a joint chunin exam with other villages breaking the isolationist policy that had been held for nearly two centuries. Despite the Fourth's efforts, the Kumogakure shinobi still fell short of matching the other villages and ended up suffering a terrible loss of face. After this event, the Fifth made the village's relative weakness compared to the other shinobi villages painfully clear to the people. Using the shame the people of Kumo felt, the Fifth was able to justify revolutionizing the entire way the village was managed. The connections he had built during his journey across the world were used to convince several skilled shinobi of significant renown to come and join him in Kumogakure. These men and women were not associated with any of the major villages, but all of them were known to each great power as shinobi and kunoichi of immense skill and talent albeit perhaps a bit past their prime.

With such influential and well known individuals as a foundation, the Raikage began an intense training program which handpicked the most elite of their meager talent pool and then set them to study under these great figures of the last era. In just one year, another chunin exam was held and the results were a redemption for Kumo as their shinobi performed well above average. The Fifth made it a point to explain to other attending kage and other guests of import that these results were reaped due to the high quality of teachers present within the village. These words were seeds being planted in preparation for the Fifth's next big revolution.

The hidden village of the cloud retained its name, but stopped functioning as a shinobi village. Instead, they adopted a new roll as a new organization was established within Kumogakure. The "Five Peaks Academy"! A self proclaimed "Great Ninja Academy" where villages from all over are welcomed to come and train under the wise teachers they had gathered. The school publicly had divisions specialized in five areas, ninjutsu, genjutsu, reikijutsu, bukijutsu, and taijutsu along with a hidden secret division for fuuinjutsu which only select native Kumogakure shinobi could learn from.

At first, few villages were willing to send their shinobi to a foreign land, especially those who possessed bloodline releases or secret arts. However, most were convinced to send their least promising youth's who had no special talents or merits. Upon receiving said students back a year later as unrecognizable talents on par with the elites of their generation, some villages began to take the school more seriously. The school saw several more students and even new teachers arrive over the next two years enjoying a period of fame and respect for a short while until the calamity struck...


News of the calamity in Konoha and the mysterious manner in which shinobi were being branded and controlled by some unknown will reached Kumogakure far faster than it would have if they had still maintained an isolationist policy. Thankfully, they were able to act swiftly and establish a defensive line at the Land of Lightning border. Though Kumo had operated as a school for the past several years, its roots as a shinobi village which acted as a military force had not been forgotten. Using the power of the sealed Seven Tails, Kumo swiftly put an end to the first wave of eclipse shinobi to come for them. During this time, an effort was made to reach out to the nearby Kirigakure seeking a mutual effort against this new threat. Unfortunately, contact with the other great nations had been lost only days into the calamity.

With only one neighboring ally to count on, Kumo sought to form an alliance offering the best its school had to offer as compensation for Kirigakure's support. Two more attacks by the Eclipse Shinobi were weathered over the course of a year. During this time, a trade and communications route was established between Kumo and Kiri which was to be defended by shinobi of both villages. Several joint expeditions were also made in an attempt to infiltrate Eclipse Shinobi territory to gather information, however they all had limited successes and had cost excessive sacrifices.

Now Kumogakure openly seeks to raise new elites from within the village and among refugees taken in during the calamity. Ones which can cut through the Eclipse Shinobi and bring an end to the nightmare.

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Moriyama Kanshoku

ALIAS: Lady, The Frozen Demon

AGE: 83 (Appears late-30s)

GENDER: Female

VILLAGE: Kirigakure

RANK: Kage


AFFINITY: Water | Wind | Ice




Made tradition by the ancient ancestors that first founded her clan, the Mizukage's hair flows unimpeded and unshorn nearly down to her buttock, locks layering and lapping over one another in a brilliant, snow white display of silk. When in motion, the spellbinding effect is evermore noticeable, the innate chill of her chakra crystallizing nearly each strand in an almost microscopic overlay of frost. While framing her face almost perfectly, the natural end of her bangs draw observer's eyes to her own, magnificently blue eyes, their depths tumbling ever deeper the more one looks into them. Adjoining these is her slender, near perfectly sculpted nose, and a pair of ever-so-slightly plump lips that are known to mash into a thin line or twist into a wicked smile at even less than a moments notice.

As fine as powder, her pale skin tone shows confidently from under the shawl-like kimono that lies draped just below her shoulders. Though more commonly associated with her days serving as merely a Lady of, and advisor to, Kirigakure, the faintly luminescent, superbly woven and crafted kimono she keeps is a vibrant white that only serves to enhance her ethereal aura. The black obi fastened around her waist provides a stark contrast to this concept however, and while also giving an indication of her prowess as a martial artist, the location of its placement allows much improved mobility for her lower half, permitting her kimono to flow effortlessly around her long legs as he maneuvers.


Analytical and objective, Lady Kanshoku delights in bringing order to her village and the world around her. When there are flaws in a system, the Mizukage excels at recognizing them, and enjoys the process of discovering and implementing streamlined solutions. Perhaps a touch too assertive, Lady Kanshoku enjoys taking charge, and sees her role as a leader of the utmost importance, stretching to any lengths in order to organize people in her care. Intuitively, she understands how to move people and processes towards a common aim, and tends to approach every situation with the attitude of an efficiency analyst, and is not shy about pointing out what could be done better. Often gregarious, the Mizukage seems to have an idea for how a person will fit into her grand scheme from the moment they are introduced, and, as evidence by her growing discipleship, is skilled at selling such a message to prospective subordinates.

On somewhat of a flipside to this "Woman Of The People" ideal, the aged Mizukage has lead a long and fruitful life of not only self preservation, but self sufficiency as well. Though respectful, her demeanor tends to be blunt and decisive, especially towards those not of her village or ability. Being a supremely gifted sensory type, she is able to sample the overall nature and mood of someone else's chakra and cater her actions and words to their expected reactions. While not intended to cause harm, this does have the tendency to devolve into manipulation, though the possibility of proving such tampering is neigh impossible for the outside world. Regardless of who happens to be around, Lady Kanshoku is always her own first priority; and few, if any, get as far as she has managed to throughout her storied life, mostly due to being unwillingly to go to the lengths which she has.

Suigetsu Ice Manipulation

S Rank | Having mastered both her individual chakra natures and the combination of the two, the eldest Suigestu is able to wield her Ice release nearly at will. Thru endless training and countless battles her methods have been all but perfected, and the use of even C rank jutsu can be accomplished without so much as a single handseal, albeit in slightly weaker versions.


  • Medical Tier 3

  • Ninjutsu Prodigy Tier 3

  • Sensory Type Tier 2

  • Leadership Tier 3

  • Chakra Meditation

  • Sage Mode Tier 2


Ninjutsu: 90%

Taijutsu: 50%

Genjutsu: 80%

Bukijutsu: 0%

Doujutsu: 0%

Kugutsu: 0%

Fūinjutsu: 40%

Reikijutsu: 40%


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Nearly thirty years ago, the shinobi world was thrown into chaos as an all encompassing war erupted between the Great Nations. For the better part of this time, nearly twenty years, the commanding villages of these mighty nations waged bitter and bloody battles against one another, with only the shortest of treaties or armistices serving as brief lulls in the carnage. In a feat that was as daring as it was dangerous, the last known Hokage secretly arranged to convene with the Kazekage and the leaders of several smaller nations to discuss banding together in an alliance. Though exceedingly reluctant due to the tumultuous nature of their villages' relationship, the Kazekage saw no other alternative to end the bloodshed, and with a somewhat forced hand, agreed to join. The combination of two of the largest village powers, coupled with the grassroots support of the surrounding smaller nations did indeed prove strong enough to deter further fighting in the immediate regions, with all would be enemies shrinking in their shadow or being stomped out. Able to maneuver their plans unimpeded given the sheer power of their combined force, this new alliance scoured the surrounding countries with their best and brightest, and before long six of the nine tailed beasts were in this alliance's hands. The newfound but boundless military might brought Konoha to new heights and as the figurehead of such a commanding alliance, the Hokage was provided an opportunity to demand a peace. Even the strongest of enemy nations had no other recourse against such dominance and, though reluctant, nearly every nation adjoined themselves to this alliance. Proving to be a magnificently oiled machine when moving as one,the shinobi world enjoyed a state of growth the duration of which had never been seen before.

However, just as everything seemed to finally settle into a state of tranquility, the ripples in the pond smoothing themselves into a placid mirror . . . calamity struck!

On a day that was nearly indistinguishable from any other and for reasons no one can explain, the clouds in the skies above Konoha, the centralized 'head' of the alliance, swirled and churned, growing evermore darker even though it was the middle of the day. As a tremendous figure slowly began overtaking the sun, the obscured light source pouring from the sides turned a deep violet, the brightness growing more intense the further the sun became eclipsed. Reaching completion just as the sun rose to its height in the sky, this magnificent violet brightness flooded from the heavens onto every surface in the village hidden in the leaves. Lasting merely a few minutes, this severe light scoured every corner of the village, heat emanating from it at in waves that distorted the air. Harsh as it was however, this light dissipated nearly as quickly as it had come, the moon shifting effortlessly in its revolution past the sun, the eclipse ending instantly. As the light dulled and the skies above the land returned to normal, confusion and disorientation were rampant. In the blinding brightness of the light, even the most capable of guards were useless, and as the hysteria settled in, attention quickly shot to the utter and complete disappearance of the Hokage. Before this shock could truly settle in, though, an even more terrifying revelation came. Seemingly unprompted and without a single word, nearly every shinobi of the village appeared to go mad. As if possessed by some intense desire, these mad soldiers turned on their comrades, fighting with everything they had and decimating the numbers of those that hadn't turned treasonous. Unlike a random occurrence however, these mad shinobi seemed to maintain every sense of strategy and field presence they had held previously, and while many were killed as simply as insects, the strongest of the remaining numbers were bound tightly and taken captive.

Muddled by so much confusion and chaos, it wasn't until too late that the most terrifying revelation of all occurred. Roars echoed thru the surrounding trees, sending ripples of dense chakra resonating in the air as three of the alliances' captured beasts broke free of their confines. Ramping and raging, the three behemoths tore through the village, soldiers from both sides of the spontaneous war fleeing in every direction. Almost as if under strict instructions, however, perfectly coordinated cells of possessed shinobi braved the maelstrom of the beasts to retrieve the sealing containers that held within them the remaining three bijuu of the alliance, just before retreating into the wilderness. Moving past their initial wrath to realize their freedom, the escaped creatures fled immediately into the distance, their enormous leaps and bounds placing them beyond the reach of their captors within moments. With the sun setting in the far distance, the village itself lie in ruin, the barrage of attacks and defenses in this powder keg civil war scarring the ground, while the uncontainable power of the tailed beasts reduced buildings to rubble and dust. As the possessed force moved outward into the night and the surrounding countries, the broken bodies that lay strewn across this new battlefield showed peculiar scarring and deformities that appeared to be only just developing, the heat from the violet light still effecting them, even in death.

The few villages large and self sufficient enough to remain independent thru neutrality, Iwagakure, Kumogakure, and Kirigakure, were not ignorant to the situation however. Occupying the furthest lands from Konoha, this trio of independent countries had the opportunity to prepare in advance of the arrival of this new enemy. Each maintaining a unique position in the world, the three nations all held two priceless advantages; access to the seas around them and, in turn, to each other, and a proverbial 'wall' of smaller countries that behaved as a buffer between themselves and the possessed army of Konoha. These possessed shinobi, now known colloquially as "Eclipse Shinobi" to those still unturned, spread their influence like a disease across the lesser nations surrounding their origin. In the short period where they could build defenses, Iwagakure, the most industrious of the three lands, summoned forth a tremendous mountain range that ran the length of their entire border. Utilizing their gifted earth style users, the enormous peaks of this wall maintain a concave shape, indicating deep caverns of lava churning within. Kumogakure, having always been home to isolationists with enduring national pride, wielded the might of a substantial shinobi formation to harness the power of the Seven Tailed Beast. Returning to their land with this titan, the village defensive corps seized the advantage nature provided to them and locked down their entire peninsula using the chokepoint at the edge of their territory. Kirigakure, having to only secure the seas that raged around them, began working straight away at sealing the Eight Tailed Beast, doing so in order to harness its regenerative abilities. In accomplishing this, the gifted scientists of the village were able to spawn numerous miniature, bijuu-byproduct creatures from severed chunks of the monster's tentacles. These creatures ceaselessly patrol the countries surrounding waters and provide some level of insurance against a seafaring offensive.

Seemingly just in time, the three of these villages completed their defensive preparations nearly in unison. As the Eclipse Shinobi forces spread to the outermost borders of these three villages, each of them bunkered down and prepared to hold their ground. After a number of attempts to breach these defenses ended in failure, however, the mysteriously possessed enemy quieted nearly all activity and appeared to almost lose interest in assaulting any further. Most peculiar about these attack though was that in no instance were the formerly alliance controlled bijuu utilized, nor were the most powerful or famous shinobi of the conquered lands appear among their numbers. For some peculiar reason, the three standing villages were not only a nuisance the Eclipse Shinobi seemed content to ignore, but also seemed to not even be worth expending their full might on.

In the year that has passed since the disaster, the trio of villages have maintained some semblance of a strong willed resistance to their new enemy. Mirroring the leader's of nearly three decades ago, both Kumogakure and Kirigakure's leadership communed to form a new alliance, struggling but succeeding to lock down supply and trade routes between each other. Thru time, this new alliance began charting exploratory missions into surrounding countries, chartering the areas now deemed "Territories" and configuring this new system to track the movements of their enemy. Given past tensions between the villages, among other aspects, Iwagakure and their Tsuchikage refused to join this union, instead believing themselves protected behind their great wall and cutting off contact with the outside world entirely. Though emissaries from both village's have risked trekking the treacherous lands to attempt to reason with their surviving comrades, it is apparent at the moment that only Kumogakure and Kirigakure are able to realize the mutual need for each other's strength. This is the only manner, in their minds, through which there is any hope for survival should the Eclipse Shinobi deem an all out attack necessary.

The current objective of the newly formed Shinobi Alliance remains to send exploration teams into the shallows of the Eclipse Shinobi territory in order to gather intel on their purpose, investigate the unsettling origins behind their sudden appearance, and preventing any further cataclysmic events. Doing so, however, appears to be far easier said than done, and penetrating past this enemy's iron clad frontlines is proving increasingly difficult and dangerous. As of yet, none of the alliance sanctioned teams have been able to reach even the boarder of the Land of Fire, let alone further into the perilous, occupied shinobi world . . .

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Mission Description:

Occurring in the silent dead of night, they struck like a viper. Cutting through the night air like a knife, the black veil of billowing smoke flowed, originating from the massive hole blown in the side of the tall battlement. Moving swiftly throughout the outpost they had so simply breached, the Eclipse Shinobi wreaked havoc; catching the stationed infantry off guard, the possessed enemy maneuvered past every know trap and confronted their counterparts within the close quarters. In a flurry of kunai and fists and blood, the invaders cut their way through the encampment's forces, curiously not attempting to capture any soldiers as had been their mode of operation beforehand. Instead, the aim of this invasion seemed to be laser focused on one thing, the Scroll Of Amur. Kept deep inside the depths of this outpost, the Scroll Of Amur remains one of the only found artifacts from the time of the original alliance. With a rumor powerful familiar held sealed inside, this beast is also told to possess an impressive amount of bijuu chakra. The creature sealed within this scroll has earned its storied reputation over the last decades. Whether for undoubtly malicious reasons, or simply to hinder the newly minted Shinobi Alliance, the loss of the stolen scroll could greatly cripple any further exploration efforts. Though against the usual policies of deployment, the joint Shinobi Alliance has called for an all hands on deck activation of their shinobi corp to lead a full scale recovery mission. Regardless of rank, every shinobi affiliated with the alliance has been tasked with investigating the decimated outpost, following the trail left by the perpetrators, and recovering the Scroll Of Amur by any means necessary. As a secondary goal, capture of any eclipse shinobi is being treated as B rank mission in itself, allowing for possible extra benefits. Follow the eclipse and retrieve the scroll!

Peeling off into smaller team collections, the Shinobi Alliance races to find the enemy eclipse shinobi before they are able to escape with the Scroll Of Amur. Leading this particular group of mixed shinobi is elite jounin Taminori Koro, the Mizukage's personal bodyguard and aide. Orders are to scour the outpost for traces of the enemy's possible destination, and intercept them before they are able to pass into the 'no man's land' of eclipse occupied territory.

PM a staff member to take place in this event. On meeting the minimum required participants, staff will notify all involved on the mission start date.

Open To All Shinobi Alliance Affiliates:

Minimum Required Participants:

1. Tenma




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Kirigakure | Pathways Of Enlightenment

Rather curiously, the whole of Kirigakure maintains no known religious institutions. Outsiders will find no priests or centers of worship, and it is rare even still to find the various types of familial shrines to ancestors and family heritage that other villages pride themselves on. Instead, the village shrouded in mist is host to an even more peculiar form of reformation; discipleship under the Mizukage, and walking the Pathways Of Enlightenment that she shepherds them through. While nowhere close to the idea of a true, fire and brimstone religion, the Pathways Of Enlightenment serve as an admittedly unique manner of discovering and uncovering the immense and endless potential of each shinobi. And under the direct leadership of the pathways creator and cultivator, maneuvering the puzzle of ones individual path to greatness can bear fruit never thought of before. Though there is no definitive manner through which to progress thru these pathways, mastery of ones abilities and attaining whole enlightenment does correspond with an understanding of each individual path; the Spirit, the Mind, and the Body. Through the stages of the individual paths, the Mizukage sets challenges for each of her disciples, testing them in particular ways and expanding their skills in others. In this way, it is entirely possible for a disciple to gain mastery over a simply single pathway, or even dual pathways, and be completely fulfilled, if this is indeed their path in life.

All of this leads to the penultimate goal, however, which is to guide each shinobi to their own individual form of enlightenment by purifying and balancing their chakra systems and creating as indomitable a physical form as possible. This, of course, is where the Mizukage melds her technology with her philosophy, continuously fitting her disciples with increasingly complex and powerful biomechanics the further their studies into her pathways delve. This is perhaps the one caveat in her teachings, for even though she instructs shinobi in the ways of enlightenment freely and without discrimination, only those that possess mastery over purifying and balancing their chakra are capable of wielding the full potential of her inventions. It has even been shown, in some cases, to be necessary in utilizing the weaponry altogether, the frequencies needed to operate the mechanics merely not being present and therefore leaving the alteration essentially powerless.

While considerably fluid in her tutoring methods, the Mizukage has ordained a hierarchy for her teachings, and a shinobi must thoroughly understand and practice a single pathways before moving to the next or attempting to gain mastery over. As that shinobi's understanding grows and their practice of the teachings expand, this hierarchy opens the doors of access to further and further biomechanical alterations, even in each individual pathway.

Mizukage Trials | Disciple Initiation

Perhaps the only true bar of entry for becoming a disciple of the Mizukage is the completion of a single trial assigned by the Lady of the village herself. Varying in objective and difficulty, one of these six tasks are ascribed to a shinobi hoping to become a disciple during a personal meeting with Lady Kanshoku. Placed under a powerful genjutsu at the outset of this quest, the shinobi initiate must maneuver thru whatever obstacles presented and reach the goal of their personal trial to be deemed worthy of taking on as a disciple. This genjutsu, the Mizukage's own creation, causes every injury from papercut to decapitation to become real in the subjects mind, meaning that any misfortune that may befall her initiates is able to 'kill' them, though only under the guise of the illusion. Closely monitoring these trials, the Mizukage releases the genjutsu once the shinobi has either failed or succeeded, either deeming them her disciple or rejecting them from her stewardship. Individuals are, however, able to 'retry' at one of these trials, but at a significant markup in difficulty and manner, so attempting the trials with every bit of heartiness a shinobi can muster the first time is recommended.

Body Pathway | Physical Enlightenment

Once accepted as a disciple by Lady Kanshoku, every shinobi begins their path to enlightenment setting out on the Body Pathway. The distinct aim of this pathway is for one to master dominion over their own physical body and built the perfect unifying foundation for the study of additional pathways. While perhaps the simplest of the three to maneuver through, the body pathway presents unique and interesting challenges in its requirements, and can be a handful to apply in practice. Though not essential to progress thru to the next paths, it is possible to gain mastery over the body pathway and achieve complete physical enlightenment, which of course come with its own rewards.

Attaining different levels of proficiency in the body pathway also provides disciples with the opportunity of beginning to gain biomechanical outfittings . These patented machinations, though being the most basic of alterations, provide significant advantages over fellow shinobi. The further thru this pathway that one proceeds, the more options for expanding and strengthening their limb become available, and while these machinations can be expanded upon and strengthened while in further pathways, the manner in which this is done will vary greatly.

Body Pathway Lessons - Completion of 4 of these 6 Pathway Lessons will give access and introduction to the next path. Mastery of this particular path requires completion of every Pathway Lesson, as well as a mission personally assigned by the Mizukage.

• Establish A Rivalry

• Gain 3000 Experience Points

• Capture Or Defend 5 Outposts

• Perform a Jutsu From Every Rank

• Withstand 2 Direct Attacks And Still Win

• Create 3 Separate Jutsu In Training Threads

Body Pathway Perks

Regulatory System | Base | +0.5 Chakra Control*

With the introduction of cybernetics to a shinobi's body comes the addition of a regulatory system. Originally conceived by Lady Kanshoku as a failsafe to protect the subjects body from harm, this regulatory system also proved to provide the shinobi receiving the alteration with an increase in control over their chakra. This increase, though modest at first, streamlines the cybernetic transition, allowing the regulatory system to power the modification while giving a shinobi more intricate control over their new ability.

Physical Augmentations | Customizable

The trademark biomechanics of Kirigakure, mechanically augmented and fully artificial body parts are perhaps the most recognizable of all the Mizukage's inventions. These creations are capable of tremendously altering and boosting the natural abilities of a shinobi, modifying the body mainly thru manipulation of the muscular tissues. Purely cybernetic fittings, which become available at higher ranks, produce awe inducing feats of power and swiftness at the expense of being taxing physically. Characters may gain one alteration at a time.

Though widely accessible, substantial changes to the human body must be done in stages and, as such, biomechanical modifications must be accommodated little by little. Put in place to taper the amount of power brought forth at each level, these limitations also coincides with the Mizukage's philosophy, as each tier of integration requires further enlightenment along the body pathway in order to not be overwrought by the equipment's total energy output. In this manner, progressing through the Mastery Requirements of the pathway opens the doors to modifying an alteration's ability.

Tier 1 | Physical Augmentation

The very beginning of one's physical transformation, the augmentation stage is perhaps the least noticeable of alterations. Though not shiny and new or big and bulky, physical augmentations are slight alterations to the human body that can give a shinobi an ace up their sleeve. Often landing between D and C rank, the procedures can be best described as 'upgrades' of specific aspects of the human body.

(Ex. Ryu, a loyal disciple of Lady Kanshoku, has been gifted a joint hand and forearm augmentation in his right side. Though 'normal' in every visible manner, Ryu has had a small scroll sized chamber housed within his wrist, with an outlet in both his forefinger and his palm. Thru this alteration, the shinobi is able to, at will, fire senbon that lie held within the inner chamber out of his fingertip. Though not life altering, this modification allows Ryu to gain the upper hand in a surprise attack.)

Tier 2 | Physical Integration

Returning to the well, so to speak, integration of existing modifications increases the abilities considerably, as well as involving more physical alterations. Not as inconspicuous as their predecessors, physical integrations make up for their more noticeable appearance by allowing even more power to be channeled thru them and providing more intricate inner workings. Machinations of this level are generally considered between C and A Rank.

Upon reaching the integration phase of a biomechanical alteration, a shinobi is able to request of the Mizukage's Science Corps special modifications of their cybernetic fitting. While not complete overhauls, these modifications are capable of altering and personalizing the workings of a shinobi's enhancement. Only one add on may be undertaken at a time. If another is placed onto an alteration, the current level of the first is as far as it will ever go.

(Ex. Having worked his way thru the pathway of Body enlightenment, Ryu has undergone the physical integration of his alteration. At this stage, his reworked forearm and hand, more noticeably cybernetic now, have been upgraded. Each of the fingers on his right hand now house outlets for his discharge of senbon, while the outlet within his palm has be routed in order to fire from the inner chamber as well, in bursts of three senbon at a time. As a request from Ryu to the Science Corps, a chakra filter has also been placed within this chamber as well, and any senbon fired from within may now be coated in his element of lightning at will.)

Tier 3 | Physical Prosthesis

Finishing the transformation at this point, the prosthesis stage is the complete mechanical outfitting of an area of the body. Though this doesn't have to be a tremendous overhaul, modifications of this level are apparent to nearly everyone from the outset, and are nearly impossible to overlook. The last stage of enlightenment before achieving total mastery over ones body, complete physical prosthesis are only available to those who have proven their dedication to the belief system of Lady Kanshoku. Inventive and complex in nature, these alterations are capable of tremendous feats and are a massive force to reckon when fitted to the right shinobi. Full prosthesis, assuming they are on the level they should be, are normally seen at least A Rank, if not full S Rank.

(Attaining near mastery over the body pathway, Ryu has developed and enhanced his alteration to its strongest point. Obvious from the porcelain-like, skin colored coating, his mechanical forearm and hand are now completely prosthetic. With the outlet in his palm, Ryu can now transform his hand into a powerful cannon that sends blasts of elemental chakra bursting forth in a short, focused beam. Also, from the outlets in his five fingertips, he is able to harness this release of energy from the outlet and maintain a continuous shield of chakra that envelopes his forearm. Having perfected his prosthesis, he now has a unique, and powerful, attack and defense combination.)

Sample Add-On*:

Name: Weapon Compartments
Description: Commissioned of the Mizukage's Science Corps., this add-on includes single or multiple weapon compartments encased within a prosthesis. The amount of these depends on the user's proficiency with their limb and, as such, handling more than a single one is not only dangerous, but prohibited as well. Inside these small to medium compartments is enough space for a slight number (3-5) of the variety of traditional shinobi tools, nearly any type of poison vial, or a medium powered seal.
Rank: C
Cost: N/A

*These utilize the same template as Weapon & Equipment submissions and are also placed in the same area for approval/denial.

Mind Pathway | Mental Enlightenment

A vital aspect of a village, and leader, that pride themselves on their mental capacity is the Mind Pathway. Maybe the most comprehensive of the three pathways, given its subject matter, the objective of this pathway is to perfect the mind by shaping an individual shinobi's perception. It's at this stage that a disciple must truly buy into the Mizukage's philosophy, and by completing the pathway lessons they achieve a deeper understanding of the current and previous pathway, as well as become more ingrained with the ideals of their leader as a whole. While gaining this knowledge, discipleship of this pathway also alters a shinobi's approach to training and their abilities as a whole, and the more adept one becomes in their lessons, the further they are able to reduce the workload for gaining new power.

Progression thru this pathway is much more dependent on proving and showing ones understanding, so the conditions required all reflect this idea. While the requirements may involve less physical feats, combined with the previous pathway, a fully functioning shinobi is able to come into maturity ability-wise at this stage. Finally, completion and understanding of this pathway creates the perfect dual specialty of mind and body needed to excel in the third and final Spirit Pathway.

Mind Pathway Lessons - Completion of 4 of these 6 Pathway Lessons will give access and introduction to the next path. Mastery of this particular path requires completion of every Pathway Lesson, as well as a mission personally assigned by the Mizukage.

• Gain 1000 EXP From Training Threads

• Outfit A Personal Outpost With Trappings

• Achieve 100% In Two Specialties Combined

• Use One Of Each Basic Shinobi Tool In A Thread

• Combine a B Rank And C Rank Jutsu In A Thread, Twice

• Complete A Fight Using Less Than 50% Of Your Chakra Bank

Mind Pathway Perks

Regulatory System | Advanced | +0.5 Chakra Control*

Coupling with the inclusion of further cybernetics to the human body, the mind pathway introduces a revised regulatory system. Originally conceived by Lady Kanshoku as a failsafe to protect the subjects body from harm, this regulatory system also proved to provide the shinobi receiving the alteration with an increase in control over their chakra. This increase is nearly doubled with the intricate refinements made to the system. The modifications made in this phase further streamline the cybernetic transition, allowing the regulatory system to power the modification while giving a shinobi even more intricate control over their new ability.

Functional Training | Reduced Training Requirements

Though not expressly guided by the Mizukage herself, the architecture thru which Lady Kanshoku has set up her village's training regime has allowed her disciples to grow leaps and bounds faster than they would otherwise. Allowing her disciples to explore their strengths independently, making progress along the mind pathway reveals more of the Mizukage's teachings and reduces the procedural side of training in order to garner more from each experience.

First Branch | Redefining Basics

Replacing old habits and formulating concrete, improved ones, the beginning of the mind path is all about rethinking a shinobi's ways of doing things. Whether training bare knuckled or working out difficult jutsu, there is much to be gained from a shift in perspective, training-wise.

This branch of training is accessed from the beginning of the mind pathway and reduces the word counts for all Jutsu Training Threads by 50 EXP.

Second Branch | Deep Understanding

Building upon the foundation of their newly relearned skills, disciples in this branch are capable of further understanding the intricacies of the training process. Though not entirely comprehensive yet, reaching this level allows one to study and train more intelligently while expending less time and energy.

This branch of training is accessed after completing 2 of the pathway lessons of the mind pathway and reduces the word counts for all Jutsu Training Threads by 100 EXP.

Third Branch | Complex Learnings

Reaching a deep understanding of both the processes involved and the nature of training, shinobi of this level have learned to get the very most out of their training sessions. At this point, figuring out new techniques and battle tactics is as close to automatic as possible, and teaching others comes as a second nature.

This branch of training is accessed after completing 4 of the pathway lessons of the mind pathway and reduces the word counts for all Jutsu Training Threads by 150 EXP.

Spirit Pathway | Spiritual Enlightenment

The most elusive pathway because of its somewhat nebulous nature, the Spirit Pathway has been given a foundational roadmap by Lady Kanshoku. Having accomplished and moved past the foundational and secondary lessons of the previous paths, the spirit pathway is entirely about comprehending ones self and their own shortcomings, and building as formidable a shinobi as possible by combining all of these. This is also the stage at which a shinobi will have to come face to face with their shortcomings and conquer issues that, to some, have never even occurred as weaknesses.

Mastery of this remaining pathway opens the floodgates to being potential a truly powerful shinobi in every sense of the word. Having completed the training of one of the most complex methods in the known lands, shinobi at this pinnacle are now capable of being sponsored by the village for their travels abroad, and enjoy a reputation as someone not to be taken lightly.

Spirit Pathway Lessons

• Defeat An Enemy After Losing Previously

• Learn And Place A Tenketsu Sealing Jutsu

• Commune With The Bijuu Via The Mizukage

• Complete A Quest With An Established Rival

• Sign A Summon Contract

• Teach Another Shinobi A Personally Created Justu

Spirit Pathway Perks

Regulatory System | Perfected | +0.5 Chakra Control*

Reaching the near peak of capable knowledge at this point, the spirit pathway introduces a perfect regulatory system. Originally conceived by Lady Kanshoku as a failsafe to protect the subjects body from harm, this regulatory system also proved to provide the shinobi receiving the alteration with an increase in control over their chakra. With a perfected system, the refinements made to the system are unrivaled. The modifications made in this phase completely integrate any cybernetic transitions, giving a shinobi complete and amazingly complex control over their abilities.

Chakra Meditation | Increased Chakra Bank

Undergoing focused meditation from the beginning of this particular pathway, the tutorship of an extremely gifted sensory type like the Mizukage allows shinobi to unlock the full potential of their chakra. On gaining a detailed understanding of their own chakra, shinobi that have reached this level of ability can unearth a dormant portion of this and, in doing so, increase their chakra bank considerably.

The process of deeply understanding ones own chakra, however, requires special qualities be met. In order to receive this increase, a shinobi must complete the 'Commune With The Bijuu' pathway lesson and learn the proper meditation technique.

This increase in chakra bank is a one time occurrence, and will not be allowed multiple times for a single character, regardless of ability.

*Regulatory System advantages do stack, so the most a character may gain from the three paths combined is +1.5 Chakra Control.

Hidden Pathway | Requires Tri-Mastery

Hidden Pathway | Individual Tutoring

Though a known element among disciples and the village at large, this particular pathway is one that few, if any, have ever reached. Upon complete mastery of all three pathways, a shinobi will be given the opportunity to receive private tutoring from the Mizukage herself. While the nature of this apprenticeship is unknown to those outside of her innermost circle, it is rumored to be a complete amalgamation of the teachings revealed throughout the pathways of enlightenment.

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Kirigakure has built and maintained a sterling reputation as the world's production powerhouse. Thru the acquisition of unique raw materials to different variations of technological advancements, the former isolation of the Water Country and her population helped produce a fierce sense of pride that still drives the nation forward today. While the smallest, territorially, of the Great Nations, Kirigakure has grown exponentially on its small island land mass. Covered near constantly by the fine layer of mist that rolls off of the surrounding seas, it remains almost impossible to map under normal conditions. This effect, however, has been somewhat nullified in recent memory due to the tremendous skyscrapers that spiral towards the ever darkening clouds above the island, the most visible result of the population's innovative technological advancements. Having grown in abundance as they have over modern years, these skyscrapers now make up the majority of the village landscape, varying in shape and material as the city plan causes their spacing to spiral inwards, ultimately towards the Mizukage's residential palace and laboratory, kept at the very heart of the city. This whirlpool arrangement, designed and commissioned by the village's first families, help create the illusion of merely a peculiar rock formation in the middle of the sea from above when, in actuality, the jagged, stalagmite spines rising from the land offer a significant, city-wide method of protection. To balance such an idea, and to provide even more potential protection, the entirety of the main island itself is chained to and fastened deep under the crushing depths of the ocean to a gargantuan, spherical anchor. Perhaps the last great construct of the previous Mizukage, this tremendous anchor helps the city weather whatever storms may fall upon it, and is rumored, in times of a direct assault, to channel immense amounts of chakra thru itself and begin descending, pulling the island and village to the depths. As extreme as such a manner may seem, the safety and security of the nation takes precedent in a very 'ends justify the means' manner, and as a result, Kirigakure enjoys tremendous confidence not only in its well-being, but in its ability as well. With already magnificent reknown as a port local, the population ballooned in its own right, even before the eclipse, being home to a diverse and varied collection of citizens, scientists, and shinobi alike.

Still though, the true draw in modern times has become the biomechanical alterations of the human body, conceived and introduced as a concept by the current Mizukage, Lady Moriyama Kanshoku. In the wake of sustaining such a monumental and accomplished industry, the technological fervor of the village has blossomed. The steady and watchful leadership of Lady Kanshoku has led to the establishment of thriving industries within the heart of the Kirigakure, rivaling the downtown areas of even much larger nations. Everything from manufacturing, maintaining the police force, and even charting expeditions into foreign lands are all sanctioned and overseen by the 'Royal Families' of the village; five clans that operate and maintain the day to day goings on of their respective field of expertise. Matters such as these being handled by the most trusted families in the village allows the Mizukage's personal Science Corps to maneuver their various experimentations with relative impunity throughout the city. This also provides a significant degree of peace of mind for everyday villagers, and although smaller families may have less weighty responsibilities than the Royals, their place among the hierarchy is as concrete and necessary as their titans of industry counterparts. Considered the lifeblood of the village, the average citizens behave like nearly every other village, a significant portion contributing to education, quite a bit more functioning as the military element, etc. a sustaining such inventions with minimal permanent side effects or loss of life, the population of, or at the very least visitation to, the country exploded, with people the world over travelling to obtain such alterations. With this influx occurring at an ever increasing rate, the population bearing capabilities of the village continued to strengthen, with infrastructure, housing, and resource stockpiling all being ramping up continuously. It was in this way that when the eclipse and subsequent mass relocations took place in the surrounding countries, Kirigakure became one of the primary evacuation locations for refugees fleeing the world's new enemy. Though relations had been frigid for some time between the two, as the threat swelled communication was established with the closest still function nation, Kumogakure to the north, and long since forgotten trade routes and evacuation paths were reopened across the water, forming the beginning of what would come to be known as the Shinobi Alliance.

It was in the infantile stages of this new alliance, and in the overall confusion that resulted from the eclipse, that the Mizukage concocted her village's ultimate defense. Preserving a single tentacle of the Eight Tailed Beast in a limbo state, unable to reproduce or cause influence as it normally would, the Mizukage experimented ceaselessly while her advisors oversaw the defense and immigration relief efforts. This near obsessive deconstruction of the eight tails and its abilities were fruitful, with the studied scientist discovered a rather latent, but powerful, facet of the monster's power.

Village Ranks and Benefits
Though rare, some choose to remain strictly part of the village as shinobi. These individuals receive few perks or resources from the village:

Genin - Access to the Village District and Basic Housing.
Chunin - Access to Danger Zones and missions beyond Danger Zones.
Jonin - Access to Private Village Housing.

No other perks or benefits can be gained through the village regardless of ranks beyond this other than access to more dangerous missions.

Village Housing
Here you can find the details on all the various types of housing that were referred to in the information above:

Basic Housing
Located within large buildings, small mass produced units comparable to dorm room. Bathroom facilities are public and shared, as are dining areas. The units might comfortably fit one, but entire families are crammed into them with the village policy setting the maximum occupancy before a new room is allowed to 4 residents. This leads to very cramped spaces for families and its even possible to get forcefully roomed with strangers. The food offered is free and it isn't slop, but there is little variety. These units are owned by the village and cannot be customized.

Private Village Housing
These are specialized houses for shinobi who have proved themselves useful to the village. These homes are large enough to comfortably house a family of three. They contain most basic amenities and are located closer to the markets. Still, these units are owned by the village and cannot be customized.

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Very little is known of the Village Hidden in the Mist, especially of its time before the reign of the first, and only, Emperor of the Water Country. What little records managed to unearth their way into modern times tell of a magnificent battle the likes of which darkened the skies and left the mist shrouded village streets littered with the broken bodies of its natives, the quiet hum of lightning continuously vibrating through the air. When the copper-tinged stench of the bloody mist settled, the Rokudaime Mizukage had ascended to his "throne" determined to reshape the land to his own whim, beginning with naming himself Emperor. He was indeed well intentioned, despite what his body count might tell, but the Mizukage was the well known spawn of a legendary tyrant, and it was a foregone eventuality that his obsessive striving and demand for advancement would come as a detriment to his people.

Even with this, however, his reign was a drastic return to a time of science, his own researching and his abilities coupling near perfectly with the newly acquired greater resources of his 'home country'. In merely a short matter of years, the reclusive island, hidden away from the world, had become a technological powerhouse that nearly rivaled the heights of Amegakure. Trade with the greater shinobi world at large boomed, the only sea bound Country proving to be the epicenter for wondrous innovations. It came, in short order, that Kirigakure was formulating all of the makings of a ruthless, worldwide arms dealer, their advancements melding seamlessly with their just-a-bit too far over the edge ruler. Despite his genius and his dedication to the cause of progress, the land had experienced a reign of blood and terror before, and the signs were beginning to look all too familiar. With an ironclad grasp over the western-most countryside via an Iwagakure political marriage, and footholds in both the Land Of Lightning and Otogakure through familial ties, the first sovereign Emperor of the Water Country was near expertly positioned to thread the tendrils of his reign neatly throughout the world at large without them even realizing. Abruptly, though, without anyone being quite sure of what occurred, the 'Emperor' never returned home. His last public declaration was that of his intentions of leading a dual front war against the greater shinobi world, but almost immediately after this he vanished.

In the powerful ruler's absence, chaos took hold. A power vacuum that couldn't have even been dreamt of roared to life, with every clan, mercenary group, and organization vying for control over the most self sufficient Great Nation in the world. For more than two decades in-fighting was vicious and rampant. Holding a tenuous grasp of control over the land with what little power they maintained, those loyal to the old emperor attempted to keep the peace, only for their leadership to be near constantly damaged due to assassinations, revolts, and all out battles taking place seemingly every week. Of all the factions warring for control, few were strong enough to stave off opposition for long, each one cancelling out the next as their members were picked off. Finally, after such tumultuous and intense times politically, an accord was reached. However shoddily, an extremely precarious armistice had been agreed upon by the leaders of all the opposing parties; the elders sentimental for times before the wars, and the youth exhausted from fighting in them. For the first time in almost twenty years, peace, as uncertain as it was, was in site.

And that's when the disappearances surged.

Underneath the cover of the growing shroud of blood and war, people had been vanishing. In the dead of night, in the heart of battle, and even in broad daylight, warriors and citizens alike were being snatched from their lives without leaving a trace behind. Having been consumed with attempting to win a war, those in power had neither the time or attention to pay towards such a thing, but now that a shaky ceasefire was established, it was difficult not to notice the ever increasing amount. No matter the time or the place, people would vanish as if they'd never existed, merely wheat for the harvest. Beside themselves with terror, people boarded themselves inside their homes with weapons and rations, what little peace of mind they'd gained in the truce dissolving rapidly as the fear of being next grew infinitely. The distrust seeped into the minds of those that had crafted the momentary peace, each leader believing this to be the work of the next, and as short a time as it had been, it seemed that the village was on the brink of war once again. That is, until the appearance of Lady Moriyama Kanshoku.

Emerging seemingly out of nothingness, Lady Moriyama had been one of the villages leading scientific minds during the time of the Emperlor, able and willing to carry out even the most bizarre of requests from the young ruler without question or remorse. Though not necessarily loyal to the old master's ways, her stature as one of the lands most brilliant minds enthralled loyalists and rebels alike. Even among the mercenaries working and living in Kirigakure her wisdom and skill were unquestioned. At the time of their leader's disappearance however, Lady Moriyama had vanished as well. Rumors had permeated like a mist throughout the years as to where she had gone, but the population at large had more or less assumed she'd been killed or otherwise indisposed during the heated exchanges of war.

With the surgeon's sudden reemergence all talks of war silenced. It had been such an extended time since a person of such caliber stood among the faction leaders that none of them dared question her will, at the very least not vocally. Being an elder many years senior to even the oldest leaders, her view of the war as pitiful and unnecessary effectively crushed all calls for more bloodshed, regardless of whoever resented this decree. In exchange for this however, abruptly and near immediately the disappearances ceased as well at just the slightest word from Lady Moriyama, and slowly, one by one, those who had been missing returned with squads of her personal guard guiding them. Unbeknownst to the village at large, the Lady had been working the disappearance epidemic herself, working tirelessly with her guard to locate those taken and return them. Being unable to recall details of their time 'in the wilderness', each returning shinobi, regardless of faction, swore their allegiance to Lady Moriyama, bolstering her status within the war torn village even further. With such a vast variety of support from some of the most skilled shinobi from every faction, rebel, loyalist, or otherwise, and pure admiration from the civilians in the village for ending not only the disappearances but perhaps even the war itself, the time came that Kirigakure had found someone that was near unanimously considered the only candidate for Mizukage. In a feat that would have been thought an absolute impossibility in the decades before, Lady Moriyama Kanshoku became the second of only two democratically elected Mizukages in village history, and the new age began within the island nation.


For the better part of the last decade, the Mizukage (still preferring the honorific 'Lady') has lead a prosperous rule over Kirigakure. The recovery efforts from the '20 Years War' as it's now known have steadily improved the nation, to the point of becoming nearly the powerhouse they were in the before time. With such an accomplished and academic mind at the helm, the village's technological advancements have returned to near before war levels as well. In the wake of this technological renaissance, Lady Moriyama alone stands as the driving force. Though perhaps not as viciously obsessed with progress as her predecessor, the razor sharp focus of the Mizukage's capabilities has expanded the uses of technology within the village endlessly. The most important of these remains unquestionably that of bio-mechanical engineering. Since taking control of the village, countless experiments have been conducted both publicly and privately in the attempt of marrying technology and the human body and despite more than a few difficulties, Kirigakure has become the only known nation to successfully develop and implement artificial body modifications. The success rate of these procedures steadily increasing year over year, Lady Moriyama has become known nearly as much for these modifications as she has her incredible scientific prowess.

Just as the stability of Kirigakure, built on the back of their pivotal location and their increasingly renowned body modifications, began growing exponentially, disaster struck. The cataclysmic event of the eclipse threw the greater shinobi world into turmoil. The darkening of the sky on that momentous day brought subsequent invasions of enemies known as the eclipse shinobi, to the mainland. Possessed by some mysterious will and moving in a synchronicity never witnessed before, these peculiar shinobi terrorized the countryside. Having appointed the various faction leaders as advisors, the Mizukage utilized her village's wartime knowledge and natural isolation from the land to strategically blockade themselves from the outer world before an attack from these strange shinobi could commence. Though a traditionally isolationist village by nature, Kirigakure had formed an alliance with Kumogakure, the last standing village aside from herself, in order to oppose the threat brought about by the eclipse. Reopening decades old lines of communication and trade routes, the two headed operation has worked tirelessly via missions and expeditions deep into the mainland in order to discover not only the source of the eclipse, but also a way to defeat the seemingly boundless armies of the eclipse shinobi.