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Nearly thirty years ago, the shinobi world was thrown into chaos as an all encompassing war erupted between the Great Nations. For the better part of this time, nearly twenty years, the commanding villages of these mighty nations waged bitter and bloody battles against one another, with only the shortest of treaties or armistices serving as brief lulls in the carnage. In a feat that was as daring as it was dangerous, the last known Hokage secretly arranged to convene with the Kazekage and the leaders of several smaller nations to discuss banding together in an alliance. Though exceedingly reluctant due to the tumultuous nature of their villages' relationship, the Kazekage saw no other alternative to end the bloodshed, and with a somewhat forced hand, agreed to join. The combination of two of the largest village powers, coupled with the grassroots support of the surrounding smaller nations did indeed prove strong enough to deter further fighting in the immediate regions, with all would be enemies shrinking in their shadow or being stomped out. Able to maneuver their plans unimpeded given the sheer power of their combined force, this new alliance scoured the surrounding countries with their best and brightest, and before long six of the nine tailed beasts were in this alliance's hands. The newfound but boundless military might brought Konoha to new heights and as the figurehead of such a commanding alliance, the Hokage was provided an opportunity to demand a peace. Even the strongest of enemy nations had no other recourse against such dominance and, though reluctant, nearly every nation adjoined themselves to this alliance. Proving to be a magnificently oiled machine when moving as one,the shinobi world enjoyed a state of growth the duration of which had never been seen before.

However, just as everything seemed to finally settle into a state of tranquility, the ripples in the pond smoothing themselves into a placid mirror . . . calamity struck!

On a day that was nearly indistinguishable from any other and for reasons no one can explain, the clouds in the skies above Konoha, the centralized 'head' of the alliance, swirled and churned, growing evermore darker even though it was the middle of the day. As a tremendous figure slowly began overtaking the sun, the obscured light source pouring from the sides turned a deep violet, the brightness growing more intense the further the sun became eclipsed. Reaching completion just as the sun rose to its height in the sky, this magnificent violet brightness flooded from the heavens onto every surface in the village hidden in the leaves. Lasting merely a few minutes, this severe light scoured every corner of the village, heat emanating from it at in waves that distorted the air. Harsh as it was however, this light dissipated nearly as quickly as it had come, the moon shifting effortlessly in its revolution past the sun, the eclipse ending instantly. As the light dulled and the skies above the land returned to normal, confusion and disorientation were rampant. In the blinding brightness of the light, even the most capable of guards were useless, and as the hysteria settled in, attention quickly shot to the utter and complete disappearance of the Hokage. Before this shock could truly settle in, though, an even more terrifying revelation came. Seemingly unprompted and without a single word, nearly every shinobi of the village appeared to go mad. As if possessed by some intense desire, these mad soldiers turned on their comrades, fighting with everything they had and decimating the numbers of those that hadn't turned treasonous. Unlike a random occurrence however, these mad shinobi seemed to maintain every sense of strategy and field presence they had held previously, and while many were killed as simply as insects, the strongest of the remaining numbers were bound tightly and taken captive.

Muddled by so much confusion and chaos, it wasn't until too late that the most terrifying revelation of all occurred. Roars echoed thru the surrounding trees, sending ripples of dense chakra resonating in the air as three of the alliances' captured beasts broke free of their confines. Ramping and raging, the three behemoths tore through the village, soldiers from both sides of the spontaneous war fleeing in every direction. Almost as if under strict instructions, however, perfectly coordinated cells of possessed shinobi braved the maelstrom of the beasts to retrieve the sealing containers that held within them the remaining three bijuu of the alliance, just before retreating into the wilderness. Moving past their initial wrath to realize their freedom, the escaped creatures fled immediately into the distance, their enormous leaps and bounds placing them beyond the reach of their captors within moments. With the sun setting in the far distance, the village itself lie in ruin, the barrage of attacks and defenses in this powder keg civil war scarring the ground, while the uncontainable power of the tailed beasts reduced buildings to rubble and dust. As the possessed force moved outward into the night and the surrounding countries, the broken bodies that lay strewn across this new battlefield showed peculiar scarring and deformities that appeared to be only just developing, the heat from the violet light still effecting them, even in death.

The few villages large and self sufficient enough to remain independent thru neutrality, Iwagakure, Kumogakure, and Kirigakure, were not ignorant to the situation however. Occupying the furthest lands from Konoha, this trio of independent countries had the opportunity to prepare in advance of the arrival of this new enemy. Each maintaining a unique position in the world, the three nations all held two priceless advantages; access to the seas around them and, in turn, to each other, and a proverbial 'wall' of smaller countries that behaved as a buffer between themselves and the possessed army of Konoha. These possessed shinobi, now known colloquially as "Eclipse Shinobi" to those still unturned, spread their influence like a disease across the lesser nations surrounding their origin. In the short period where they could build defenses, Iwagakure, the most industrious of the three lands, summoned forth a tremendous mountain range that ran the length of their entire border. Utilizing their gifted earth style users, the enormous peaks of this wall maintain a concave shape, indicating deep caverns of lava churning within. Kumogakure, having always been home to isolationists with enduring national pride, wielded the might of a substantial shinobi formation to harness the power of the Seven Tailed Beast. Returning to their land with this titan, the village defensive corps seized the advantage nature provided to them and locked down their entire peninsula using the chokepoint at the edge of their territory. Kirigakure, having to only secure the seas that raged around them, began working straight away at sealing the Eight Tailed Beast, doing so in order to harness its regenerative abilities. In accomplishing this, the gifted scientists of the village were able to spawn numerous miniature, bijuu-byproduct creatures from severed chunks of the monster's tentacles. These creatures ceaselessly patrol the countries surrounding waters and provide some level of insurance against a seafaring offensive.

Seemingly just in time, the three of these villages completed their defensive preparations nearly in unison. As the Eclipse Shinobi forces spread to the outermost borders of these three villages, each of them bunkered down and prepared to hold their ground. After a number of attempts to breach these defenses ended in failure, however, the mysteriously possessed enemy quieted nearly all activity and appeared to almost lose interest in assaulting any further. Most peculiar about these attack though was that in no instance were the formerly alliance controlled bijuu utilized, nor were the most powerful or famous shinobi of the conquered lands appear among their numbers. For some peculiar reason, the three standing villages were not only a nuisance the Eclipse Shinobi seemed content to ignore, but also seemed to not even be worth expending their full might on.

In the year that has passed since the disaster, the trio of villages have maintained some semblance of a strong willed resistance to their new enemy. Mirroring the leader's of nearly three decades ago, both Kumogakure and Kirigakure's leadership communed to form a new alliance, struggling but succeeding to lock down supply and trade routes between each other. Thru time, this new alliance began charting exploratory missions into surrounding countries, chartering the areas now deemed "Territories" and configuring this new system to track the movements of their enemy. Given past tensions between the villages, among other aspects, Iwagakure and their Tsuchikage refused to join this union, instead believing themselves protected behind their great wall and cutting off contact with the outside world entirely. Though emissaries from both village's have risked trekking the treacherous lands to attempt to reason with their surviving comrades, it is apparent at the moment that only Kumogakure and Kirigakure are able to realize the mutual need for each other's strength. This is the only manner, in their minds, through which there is any hope for survival should the Eclipse Shinobi deem an all out attack necessary.

The current objective of the newly formed Shinobi Alliance remains to send exploration teams into the shallows of the Eclipse Shinobi territory in order to gather intel on their purpose, investigate the unsettling origins behind their sudden appearance, and preventing any further cataclysmic events. Doing so, however, appears to be far easier said than done, and penetrating past this enemy's iron clad frontlines is proving increasingly difficult and dangerous. As of yet, none of the alliance sanctioned teams have been able to reach even the boarder of the Land of Fire, let alone further into the perilous, occupied shinobi world . . .

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