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Generic Shinobi Tools

On Departed Shinobi generic ninja tools such as shuriken, kunai, senbon, explosive tags, and smoke bombs are not given hard limits towards how many you can bring into a thread. While it wouldn't be quite right to say you have an unlimited number of them, staff is typically very lenient on the amount of such tools any given player could use in each thread. That being said, please be reasonable as excessive usage abusing this leniency will not be tolerated and could result in your thread being voided along with any exp or other gains. Repeat offenders may face a ban. An example of going overboard would be unleashing hundreds of smoke bombs or thousands of senbon in a single thread. Be reasonable and consider the fact that you need the physical space to actually hold these items or the scrolls in which they are sealed. A full list of the tools which fall under the "Generic" category is as follows:

  • Kunai

  • Shuriken

  • Senbon

  • Explosive Tags

  • Blank Tags

  • Caltrops

  • Shinobi Wire

  • Smoke Bombs

Unique Equipment

Any weapon, equipment, tool, etc not categorized as "Generic" falls into the "Unique" category. These are items which are either not commonly held by nearly all shinobi or specialized equipment made by or for your character specifically. They can be simple as simple as a pair of goggles or a common sword and as complex as legendary weapons with special abilities such as the Kusanagi or a piece of armor that absorbs fire element jutsu and converts them into chakra. Because these "Unique" items are not mass produced like "General" equipment, there is a limited number of them you can bring into any given thread. Although, you may possess an unlimited number of them in "storage" allowing players to collect equipment suitable for different situations and choose which ones to use based on the context of a given thread.

The number of "Unique Equipment" slots a player has access to is determined by their character's rank.

NOTE: For every 25% invested into the Kugutsu Specialization, you gain an additional Equipment Slot for a maximum of 4 additional slots. However, these extra slots MUST be weapons and can't be armor or poisons.

Puppet Poisons: Each Poison will take up a slot. When registering poisons the number of doses and where the poison is applied will be determined and negotiated during the grading process.

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