Territory & Outpost System

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Territories & Outposts

With the rise of the eclipse shinobi, the borders between countries and the institutions that maintained them have all but dissolved and disappeared. Throughout multiple excursions and missions into these areas, and the ensuing chaos of continuous enemy attacks, the withered borders of the interlaying countries have been replaced with dividing lines mapped out by the Shinobi Alliance. These dividing lines sketch out the outer most shapes of each 'Territory'. While kept as close to the original land structure of each country as possible, certain concessions were necessary in order to maintain a strategic advantage against the strangely possessed enemy. Within these territories, the continued mission of the Shinobi Alliance is to establish, seize, or destroy (when necessary) as many outposts in an area as possible to configure strategic footholds, store houses, and encampments. While certain outposts in a territory are simply in disrepair, others remain in the control of eclipse shinobi, and others still are merely scouted locations that will require a team to venture out and establish a brand new outpost. A variety of factors determines the outposts available in a single territory, however one thing remains above all else; the struggle to take back these territories is at the forefront of winning the war.


Redrawn as close to the lines of existing countries as possible, territories are enclosed areas outside of Alliance Controlled Domains. Inherently marked as Danger Zones by the Shinobi Alliance, these areas have been seen to be home to a high concentration of eclipse shinobi and as such, pose a tremendous threat. Though certain locations have maintained a fair bit of structural integrity, the populations and conditions of these areas have suffered drastically as a result of the occupying eclipse forces and the war itself. Even with this though, there still seems to be a significant number of resources and strange artifacts within the borders of these territories, according to scouting reports.

Being predetermined by the Shinobi Alliance, the drawn borders of territories are subject to change if events occur to cause such a necessity. However, given the stalemate nature of recent eclipse shinobi interactions, it is unlikely this would happen again any time soon. As such, while it is acceptable for shinobi to venture into dangerous territories, it is expressly forbidden to travel into any area not established as a territory. These areas have either not properly been mapped out by the Alliance and thus do not hold any safety/evacuation methods or are simply viewed as too dangerous for any but the most experienced of shinobi to venture into. As extreme as it may appear, violation of these conditions could mean anything from disciplinary action to exile from the village.


Within the boundaries of each different territory lie a number of outposts which remain in constant contention against enemy forces. These outposts are composed of everything from store houses and Alliance safe zones to strategic battle stations and even independent hideouts. Whether naturally occurring or simply manmade, these stations serve as waypoints through which a shinobi can travel throughout a territory. Given this, it is essential that an ally or at least a neutral force maintains majority control in an area in order to offset the overwhelming strength of the eclipse shinobi. While possible to traverse through a country that is nearly, or even completely, opposition occupied, the difficulty of such an endeavor should deter such boldness.

Though the Shinobi Alliance has been working steadily to capture, establish, or recapture outposts throughout the existence of their territories, the struggle against the eclipse opposition has been arduous. As a result, the divide in the affiliations of outposts is nearly 50/50, with only smaller or neutral independent outposts existing at the allowance of the Shinobi Alliance. While areas that have a fair amount of enemy-controlled outposts can still be maneuvered through (with difficulties), areas controlled majorly by the Shinobi Alliance or a neutral/independent force provide significant advantages. Safer passage through a territory, item restocking at lower costs, and even localized event quests in certain areas can be accessed in these 'friendly' territories.

Danger Zones

From the outset, any area not controlled by the Shinobi Alliance is known as a Danger Zone. Within danger zones, unfamiliar lands, unexpected encounters, and enemy shinobi can all affect a character's path and objectives greatly. When in a danger zone, any thread made has the possibility of being invaded by an enemy eclipse shinobi. The further one moves from the designated same zones, meaning either of the villages OR a territory with outposts completely controlled by the alliance, the more frequent and dangerous these encounters become. Done automatically via dice roll, territories from the edge of Kumogakure to nearly Iwagakure all maintain a 30% chance of invasion, while territories south of Iwagakure harbor a nearly 50% chance of invasion. While possible to move thru these areas, it is important to determine whether the rewards are worth the risks of crossing into treacherous, eclipse occupied territory*. By nature, threads made within the danger zones are innately death enabled, so be cautious.

*The one exception to this dice roll percentage of invasion is that of Story Missions. In general, story missions are inherently encounters and interactions with enemy shinobi, or issues that would be slowed by such invasions, and as such are immune to the danger zone stipulations.

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