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Here are the official rules for Training Threads on DS. In this system, every month you can gain a certain amount of Jutsu, Items, Etc. by simply writing out what your character has done to achieve them. DS members are allowed to post a grand total of three Training Threads a month, in order to both not create a hassle for staff, as well as to insure that giant jutsu mountains aren't gained without ever having a thread with anyone. In the three of these threads, a total of three products may acquired in each. The composition of what those three products are is completely up to the user, including any sort of combination of Jutsu, Weapons, PP, EXP, Chakra Control , Summons, or Transformations. For instance, if you were to write a training thread focusing on a jutsu your character has been working on. They work through the jutsu, using the limits of their chakra to control and manage the technique, and in the end, are finally able to sustain its power. This scenario fills your three product quota, and would result in an awarded +0.5 Chakra Control, +EXP, and +1 Jutsu. This formula can be applied in numerous ways to gain whatever you would like but remember, the word limit necessary to obtain what you're seeking does shift and grow depending on the strength/ability of your techniques and items, so be careful! This three a month is a fairly concrete system, and unfortunately if you bypass the limit of rule, your training thread will be denied.

Experience Points

For Training Threads pertaining to Experience Points, the subject is really anything goes. Though they are essentially 'training threads', your character can gain experience in training through any actions that expand their horizons as a shinobi, whether physical, mental, or otherwise. Given this, doing something as non-descript as learning a new technique, practicing with a weapon, or meditating under a waterfall can net you EXP. If you are, however, attempting to accrue experience points for a specific trait, performing actions particular to a certain area, as in weightlifting for Strength or training longer than normal for Endurance, could net you the exact right amount of EXP needed to reach the next tier of said trait.

Specialization Percentage Points

For PP it is fairly open as well. These threads only require that your character have a general focus on the specialization/s you are trying to train for. You could be fighting a powerful opponent who forced you to use an old weapon in a new way, or you could be sitting with a more experienced shinobi discussing the finer points of genjutsu over tea. So long as your new insights into the specialization are justified.

Chakra Banks & Control

For Chakra Banks and Control, things are a bit different. Firstly, unless you perform an action, have something done that alters your body and chakra system, or get an item that viably increases it in some way or another, increasing your Chakra Bank isn't phsically possible. Secondly, since increasing your control over chakra is completely plausible, you are still able to do so, however, you can only increase your chakra by +.5 if you want it to take up one slot of your three. So if you increase your chakra control by +1.0, that will take up two of your three and etc. The cap on increasing your control is only +1.5 a month though, so if you use up two of your three in your first training threads to gain +1.0, the max you'd be able to increase it again for the rest of the month is another +.5, so watch out.


For weapons and items, the word count for each will be determined by the items rank. Meaning, similar to how Jutsu operate, D Rank items will cost a drastically less amount of words than an A Rank and so on. If you happen to be trying for multiple items/weapons as part of your three a month, the costs will stack, meaning the cost of a C rank weapon and that A Rank weapon that you just have to have will combine, making the word limit that much higher. Given this, these have the possibility of getting pretty high so take a moment to think if you really need all of your items/weapons at once.

Word Limits

Experience Points (EXP)

A base amount of 200 EXP is awarded for nearly every training thread, and any additional EXP gained will be determined by staff after your thread is submitted for approval. While there wont be a specific hard limit in this area, know that simply posting a sentence or two isn't going to cut it, and if that sentiment seems to pop up too much, a word limit will be established, so don't tempt it.

Trait Specific EXP

For EXP to be applied to specific Traits, members should state in the header of their training thread what trait they attempting to achieve and the tier level of said trait (i.e. Training for Strength - Tier II) so that the thread can be reviewed/awarded with this goal in mind. The minimum word limit for such self rps is half of the EXP required to unlock the Tier you're aiming for. For example, if you're attempting to unlock Strength - Tier II which costs 2000 points, the word limit will be 1000. The amount of EXP given at the thread's completion is dependent on multiple factors, including word count, and whether the training focused on the mentioned area, so stick with your concepts.

Chakra Control

Specialization Percentage Points




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