Rivalry & Interference Systems

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Rivalry System

A substantial factor in both the canon series and here on DS is that of having a rival. In fact, it's perhaps one of the most important aspects of crafting a fully fleshed out character in any universe, and as such, here is the Rivalry System. Whether its a childhood friend growing and training with your character, pushing them to their limits, or a more sinister bitter enemy that they've encountered and had legendary encounters with time and again, this system gives you the opportunity to build a string of classic moments between your character and another, while earning extras that only the two of you can receive.

After your character has had two combat encounters with another user character, a rivalry will be formed. From then on, every instance that the two characters come across each other in combat, regardless of anyone else's presence, their rivalry will increase in intensity. As the blood boils over and the fists fly, both users will receive a myriad of perks, including increased EXP, discounts on certain traits and jutsu, and even access to special items and weapons. The bounds of all of these things and how much further or powerful they could get only grows the more and more that you fight the same character, and characters can definitely have multiple rivals.

Interference System

Often, a rivalry gets to the point where it simply cannot be contained. Whether attributed to pure passion for their superiority, absolute despise for their opponent, or simply out of necessity, shinobi have been known to interject in the affairs of others, either to assist, take advantage, or merely to cause havoc for a rival. As such, there is the Interference System. If a character has the necessary Interference (INT) ability at that time, it is possible to invade the oppositions thread and play out the aftermath against them. Once used, the thread operates as a normal thread would, with the invading party's turn simply being placed after the previous number of participants' posts. That being said, this ability to interfere more or less requires a character to have legitimate reasoning for doing so, and as such, at least one of the participants in the thread being invaded must be an established rival. From the point of invasion, any occurrences in the thread, including deaths and weapon or item theft, are considered entirely valid, and the effects of the thread will remain long after its ending, meaning also that interferences may only be used in death enabled areas. Though useful in certain instances, interferences can only be gained from rising through the tiers of a rivalry, and even then are capped at only three (3) per each real time year, so it is best to be wise about exactly when and where they are used.

Keeping track of how many interferences remain and have been used is the responsibility of each individual Rpers, and as such, the abbreviation INT must remain in your provisions thread, with the current number of remaining placed before (ex. 2 INTs), and each instance of your use of an INT must be linked for readily available reading. Disregard for this specific rule can lead to penalties that may hinder your rivalries, so be vigilant.

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