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I. General Information

Name: Mizumi, Toketsu

Nickname: Garō

Birthdate: June 19th

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 150 lbs.

Build: Skinny

Upper Body Attire (1/2): A white and red cloak and vest.  The cloak has secret pockets which can hide various tools such as wires, kunai, shuriken, senbon, explosive and flash tags, and smoke bombs.  There is also a brown belt that holds blank or filled scrolls, ink, and comes with a sharp prick to draw blood easily.

Lower Body Attire (2/2): White and red trousers that are loose before the knee, but tighten up after.  Brown, knee-high boots that have inner pockets to hide paper tags.

Personality: Toketsu's attitude towards life has changed since his encounter with Eclipse Gaijin.  While before he was quite confident in his own power to the point of being  a little cocky, Toketsu now understands that he still has a long way to go.  The blow to his ego, tied with the loss of a friend for the second time, has changed his outlook on battle to be intensely calculated.  He will only engage in real extended combat if he is sure he can win.  This has turned him into a very tactical thinker.  He has also put time into team tactics and working with others in a group.

Outside of the battlefied, Toketsu's demeanor has remained mostly the same.  He is still generally happy and fun to be around, cracking jokes and getting along well with others.  He values his friends as more just companions or potential teammates.  His family is also very important to him, and he hopes that when the time comes for him to take over as head of the Mizumi clan, he will do so with fairness and strong leadership.

II. Strategic Information

Rank: Special Jonin

Village/Country: Kumogakure

Clan: Mizumi - Main Branch

Kekkei Genkai: N/A

Affiliation: Kumogakure

Chakra Nature: Water | Lightning

Chakra Bank: 180

Chakra Control: 5.5

III. Shinobi Information


Ninjutsu: 70% 

Taijutsu: 20% 

Genjutsu: 0% 

Kenjutsu: 20% 

Doujutsu: 0% 

Kugutsu: 0%

Fūinjutsu: 40% 

Reikijutsu: 0%


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IV. Historical Information

The Road So Far: Toketsu was born into the main branch of the Mizumi family, which has been serving and protecting Kumogakure since before the eclipse, back when it was known simply as the village hidden in the clouds. Son of Ogama and Tatsumaki Mizumi, both powerful ninja themselves, Toketsu has a lot to live up to. Much is expected of him, both as a ninja and as future head of the Mizumi clan. Starting at age five, Toketsu began training in the ninja arts. He was trained by family and tutors alike to master the basics of the various styles of Jutsu that make up ninja combat. It was apparent early on that Toketsu had a very large reserve of chakra, a trait that his mother Tatsumaki insists he inherited from her. Controlling such a massive source was quite difficult, and his chakra manipulation skills struggled as a result. Genjutsu and Reikijutsu were entirely unsuited to him, as very precise control is required for both disciplines. However when it came to Ninjutsu, Toketsu was a prodigy. He quickly mastered the techniques usually taught to Academy Students, and went on to practice more powerful Jutsu.

By age 10, Toketsu had already learned to manipulate his water Chakra Affinity, and had mastered the Water Clone Jutsu, as well as several offensive Suiton Jutsu. After Graduation from the Academy at 12, he joined a team under supervision of a Jonin by the name of Masaharu, a Ninjutsu specialist. Under his tutelage Toketsu flourished, and acquired the rank of Chunnin two years later.

Now with some real world experience, his parents began to teach Toketsu a few of the Mizumi family techniques and secrets. This began with making a contract with the Cats, who had been longstanding allies with the Mizumi clan. It was also where Toketsu began to learn Fuinjutsu, or sealing arts. The Mizumi clan, like many others back before the events of the eclipse, sought out ways to tame and seal the great tailed beasts, and developed Jutsu specifically for that purpose. Their grand accomplishment, solidifying their position as one of the great clans, was the acquisition and sealing of the two-tailed cat, Matatabi, over 400 years ago. This was made possible through the creation of an elemental sealing jutsu, combining the power of Suiton with Fuinjutsu to create the sealing Jutsu named "Suiton: Suijin's Crushing Depths Seal". Using the Matatabi's innate connection to Fire against it, the water sealing Jutsu was the perfect tool to finally capture the beast. However, the Jinchuuriki it created was killed on a mission, and the Matatabi was lost.

Up until this point, there was no challenge to great for Toketsu to overcome. He had several C and B rank missions under his belt, but it wasn't until his first encounter with Eclipse Shinobi that Toketsu learned just how much more he needed to grow.

Back when Toketsu was a Genin, he and his two squadmates, Gaijin and Yuuka, were sent on a routine escort mission. There weren't supposed to be any complications, as the client was elderly and merely needed protection from thieves. Low and behold, that was exactly what happened. Gaijin, a genjutsu user, volunteered to stay behind to deal with the bandit leader while Yuuka and Toketsu got the elderly man to safety. Gaijin had never had a problem fighting beforehand, and the thieves did not appear very strong, so the trio agreed and promised to meet up at a waterfall a short ways away. The pair waited until nightfall, but Gaijin never returned.

Years later, Toketsu was sent out on a solo mission to retrieve a particular artifact said to contain information about the Eclipse Ninja. The destination was within the proclaimed "safe zone", meaning there was very little chance of an Eclipse Ninja showing up. Toketsu arrived at midday, and easily procured the item. However as he stepped outside the ruined building he saw Gaijin. For a moment Toketsu was overjoyed, but that quickly faded as Gaijin wordlessly drew a kunai from his pouch. On his left hand there was a strange marking, leading Toketsu to believe the worst had happened. That Gaijin was now an Eclipse Ninja.

The two fought, but it was clear that Toketsu was outmatched. Gaijin's genjutsu proving to be too powerful for Toketsu to break. In an attempt to escape, he performed a summoning jutsu to bring out Snowball, an ocular jutsu expert to break the genjutsu. It worked, and Toketsu was able to put some distance between himself and Gaijin. Unfortunately, it appeared that Gaijin had taken the artifact during the fight, unbeknownst to Toketsu.

Knowing this could happen to anyone became a driving force in Toketsu's life. He now trains to become stronger so that he can protect others from Gaijin's fate.
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