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Overview - There are eight main paths one might take as a Shinobi. Each player is free to cross train into any combination of the 8 Specialization Categories! Be a jack of all trades or focus strongly in two or three, or perhaps you would prefer to focus on two and dabble lightly in three and obtain a basic understanding in one. 

Percentage Points - Specializations are mastered through gaining percentage points in a given category. Mastery is determined on a scale of 0% to 100% and at every 20% a tier of a new level of mastery is reached. The rank of your mastery determines the highest rank jutsu you can learn from that category.

D-rank Mastery | 0%-19% | You have access to D-rank Jutsu and have a basic understanding of the specialization, but not much nuanced insight on how best to apply it. Most would consider you a novice at the art.

C-rank Mastery | 20%-39% | You have access to C-rank Jutsu and have a firm grasp of the specialization. Though you are still an amateur in its practice, you are proficient in the basics.

B-rank Mastery | 40%-59% | You have access to B-rank Jutsu and are skilled in the specialization. Those at this level of master are considered professionals.

A-rank Mastery | 60%-79% | You have access to A-rank Jutsu and are close to full mastery over the specialization. This realm of mastery is when one might actually start to be called a master.

S-rank Mastery | 80%-100% | You have Access to S-rank Jutsu and have full mastery over the specialization. The renown of individuals at this level is of world scale and some may call them paragons.

Percentage Points also determine how strong your jutsu in the given category is. In direct clashes between jutsu of equal rank, the shinobi with the higher mastery will have a slight advantage appropriate for the gap in percentage points.

Gaining Percentage Points - You are granted some Percentage Points(PP) based on your approved rank when you make your character. Gaining points beyond that can only be achieved through training threads or as event rewards.

Specialization Categories:

Ninjutsu | Ninja Art: The art of manipulating chakra to preform a variety of techniques from breathing fire to burying your foe in sand. Most Ninja choose this as their speciality but that doesn't make them any less deadly, their jutsu is always on top form and at the peak of it's power.

Taijutsu | Martial Art: The age old art of throwing a fist. This comes in limitless styles and is learnable to almost anyone. Taijutsu users generally have powerful and trained bodies with quick reflexes to get in close to deliver the final blow first hand (or foot).

Genjutsu | Illusionary Art: The ninja art of illusion. By casting these powerful techniques opponents can suffer any number of effects from stress to full blown terror or even mental trauma. The most deadliest of these techniques can even cause horrific mental harm on the enemy too. Ninja who specialise in this are usually tricky to fight as one step into thier trap and its game over.

Bukijutsu | Weaponry Art: From when man was everything but an ape, he has found a stick to hit his enemy. Ninja with this speciality are well versed in the art of weapons and are trained to use every weapon with perfect skill. From the classic katana to the ceremonial halberd, each and every object, but bladed and blunt is a new way to maim for these ninja.

Doujutsu | Visual Art: The ninja arts of using one's eyes to their abosolute limit, accessing many different techniques to enhance ones own vision in a variety of ways.

Kugutsu | Puppetry Art: Originating from Sunagakure, the art of puppetry is no longer limited to the ninja desert rats. These ninja would rather stay back and have thier monstrous creations fight for them with a myriad of secret weapons and tools to use at the flick of a finger. These Ninja are good at controlling things and also have access to chakra strings to control thier puppets.

Fūinjutsu | Sealing Art: A rare style to specialise in and probably one of the hardest arts to use effectively. These Ninja use compounded chakra to spread disruption and disorder to the opponents chakra system and seal thier techniques and chakra points. They also are adept at sealing things within enchanted scrolls for later use.

Reikijutsu | Medical Art: The art of healing and restoring the human body to top condition. These Ninja are highly sought after for teams as thier ability to heal without medical equipment is incredibly powerful. More experienced Medical Ninja can even heal horrific burns and other such fatal injuries albeit with a little time. An added technique of these ninja is the ability to store up chakra in thier limbs and release it on contact for huge power.

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