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Post by KhaixRoze on May 14, 2017 22:24:14 GMT -5

One day, I searched for the sun to rise in the tides of darkness, being a member of the community of Departed Shinobi, when we were known as Soul Shuriken.
I was a newborn. A docile soul seeking to utilize the system for the expression of my abilities. What I found was a coven of comrades that shared a vision for the future. 
Many seconds I spent allocating experience in a rpg world based on Naruto to allow my creative and imaginative sources to flourish.
Exploring the realms of the Condemned, Akatsuki, and trailed the damaging route to power for likes of becoming all that I dreamed. 
Over three times have I seen this site upgrade, all with different perogatives. Each time, I lost portions of self, incomplete and broken. 

When the internet ended, the day DS was shut down, we all struggled through our daily lives, seeking meaning towards harnessing our abilities and allocating our comrades forced into separation due to the lack of activities. I ask all those that were broken based in my disappearance, forgive me.
May it happen no more. 

Those whom have seen the Naruto and Bleach portion of the site. You may have known me as Cadet of the Sand; SandCadet
With trailing the interwebs, I found a safehaven for emanation. I hope with this reboot, we all find more. 
I appreciate all those that have guided me here to find FAMILY once again. 

Peace, Love, Unity, Serenity
Khai, Sir Rose
The Ahntai
May the Blessed See

P.S. Since the fall of DS, I had kept spirit of RP, integrating myself with a piece of other Naruto esk RPs, all of which I have dropped to return home. With my time there, I have discovered bewildering ways to improve the system that we have here, to allocate and advance our evolution. If any are interested, I can foresee sublimation for  the  improvement of the system that we currently have. Also, if you require assistance, I am willing to assist in moderation whilst we get the site up and running towards full activity. 
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