One for the road. [Open Legend]

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Post by theonlynoodles on Mar 23, 2017 13:01:53 GMT -5

The grating of metal on metal echoed through the clearing. The light pattering of paws on moss accompanying the thudding footsteps of the armoured figure as they traversed the large, protruding roots of the dense woodland. "Aye ya...." This journey was proving tiresome for his old bones, but it was one he'd always intended to do, not for anyone in particular, just for his own piece of mind. He mused over his past as he walked; some long forgotten, some tragedies entrenched in his mind. You'd think a master of his own positive and negative life force would banish such thoughts, but they were a reminder for him, to not lose his way again.

The bearded knight looked to his furry companion,
"Slow down Kitsune, it isn't a race... I'm not built for running through forests anymore." The fox audibly laughed, stopping in its tracks and turning to face his addresser, "Now now Danzo, if I didn't set a pace we'd never reach the village, if it even stands..." The man could not argue, these days he'd much rather spend his days meditating rather than striding through the undergrowth. These areas were always so nice to spend a day when the village was prosperous. But now Danzo feared he would only find ruin awaiting him at the gates of Seimeigakure, a thought further reinforced by his ally's jesting.

"Whatever! Push on then. Stupid cat." 

"Call me a cat again, I dare you."

The two continued on, Danzo pulling his dark cloak around his front as the sun began to set. His armour glimmered too much for his eyes in this light, a relic of a day gone by as much as the man himself.
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Post by Ishiba on May 15, 2017 15:58:35 GMT -5

((Not a Legend, but here goes nothing 😅))

"Tsk tsk tsk," the clicking of his tongue sounded even over incessant squabbling, being the only indication of his presence. Leaned against the inner side of the magnificently thick tree trunk, Masai couldn't help but shake his head at the state of one of his numerous masters. The fact that Danzou hadn't managed to detect him far before now served to prove that even with near eternal life, the Kage had not aged well. "I have to say cousin, seeing you in such a sorry sort nearly brings a tear to my eye," Masai spoke up as he pushed himself off the tree at his back and stomped out of the underbrush, his heavy, metal bottomed boots crunching and snapping twigs and leaves as he made his way to the more open, carved out path of the woods, "Nearly." Stopping to stand some meters apart from Danzou and his companions, the Mizukage smirked arrogantly, the look of a younger brother who had finally grown bigger and stronger painting his features and tone. His erratic, lightning white hair was a stark contrast to the pitch dark, snakeskin-like sleekness of his Lightning Redirection Suit, but his Kage robes tied tightly around his waist still conveyed an air of dignity to his appearance.

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