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I. General Information

Name: Keiji Taro Ki-jee Tah-row
Nickname: ‘The King’
Birthdate: December 12th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140lbs
Build: Muscular

Upper Body Attire (1/2):
There is a modesty in a Kage wearing his village’s attire. The Mizkage maintains this appearance even now, with the addition of a light grey coloured fur cloak that has since replaced the ceremonial Kage robes of old. It’s leather straps lightly hang over his shoulders, with little fastenings to hinder his movement at any point – he maintains his duties as an active warrior even if his position would now suggest otherwise. His damaged headband; a symbol of his unending allegiance; is fastened to his chest. The leather of his torso frays slightly where the rivets of the metal band pierce through to fasten to his person. Facially, his head is tattooed with stories of his past battles; left bare by his dark coloured mohawk hairstyle. Coupled with piercing blue eyes and masculine beard, Taro makes for a fearful sight.

Lower Body Attire (2/2):
Nothing exceptional comes with the Mizukage’s overall outfit. His lower half is also consistent with the Kirigakure Shinobi Corps, except with the inclusion of a ceremonial short sword that is strapped to his lower back. Strapped to his legs are shinobi equipment pouches, his lower legs wrapped in support bandages before slipping into his robust footwear.


Natural Born Leader
Keiji Taro never intended to become the leader of his village. He was content with his life on the outskirts before his Uncle’s passing. But when called up by the Village Elders, they felt at ease with him. They trusted his judgement despite his age at the beginning and continued to do so as he led Kirigakure to prosperity and security with trade and peace agreements.
Questions First, Action Later
Another redeeming feature for the Mizukage, his desire to solve issues through discussion and compromise before taking action against others. Such a trait only helped to further his standing with the people of his village and other villages in the great nations.
Everyone has a limit
Despite his inclination towards diplomatic discussions and peace, Taro holds no issue with taking action if pushed to a limit or threatened. Where his family, people and personal honour are concerned he will fight fiercely to defend any of these aspects or to take what he wants when diplomacy has made no headway.

II. Strategic Information

Rank: Rokudaime Mizukage
Village/Country: Kirigakure, Land of Water
Clan: Not Applicable
Kekkei Genkai: Not Applicable
Affiliation: Kirigakure
Chakra Nature: Lightning
Chakra Reserve: 1.9 | 190
Chakra Control: 9.5

III. Statistic Information

Ninjutsu: 100%
Taijutsu: 100%
Genjutsu: 50%
Kenjutsu: 100%
Doujutsu: 10%
Kugutsu: 10%
Fūinjutsu: 60%
Reikijutsu: 70%

Stat Points
Strength: 40
Speed: 60
Defense: 40
Stamina: 60
Intelligence: 50
Dexterity: 50

IV. Historical Information

Act I: Humble & Happy

Act II: Death & Change

Act III: Mature & Learn

Act IV: Power & Glory

Act V: Consequence & Responsibility

Act VI: Kings & Men

Act VII: Here & Now 
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