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The rope-like vines were near as thick as a femur, curling and twisting their ways up the bended and bowed trunks and branches of the crowded forest. The dense underbrush was overgrown in such a way that it seems to suffocate the boulders and roots that it clung to. Though the sun was brightly showing overhead, only just starting to set, the forest floor was damp in the way that jungles usually become, never fully drying out no matter how high the temperature became; even the over abundance of trees not thirsty or capable enough to soak up all the moisture trapped below. However alien the greenery made the area, there remained every so faint signs of former life. Things now and long since reclaimed by nature. Pieces of what would seem to be massive boulders were on second and third glance magnificent statues and pillars of a religion and civilization lost to time, the detail and etching on which had long been eroded or excavated away. Just on the other side of the immense growth, as if passing through a curtain, stretched out a clearing that managed to stave off the reclamation. The harsh stone of an aged temple jutted out of the ground unnaturally, waging a war with the underbrush as it half covered the rock and wrist thick vines created up the sides.

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In the days of old be it family, friend, or stranger, it was a forgone conclusion of a death sentence to even attempt to court or summon the Jackal. His propensity for destruction and torment, along with his insatiable bloodlust kept even the strongest of enemies and allies from even whispering about him, lest word slip and he be drawn to that corner of the world for his particular brand of "fun". The few that had managed to form ties with Kenichi Ichidai only ended up making it worse for everyone else, if simply because the gifts and power they used to sway him and gain his allegiance only made him that much more capable and strong. Even in the later of his days when he had calmed considerably and settled into his Kage role, the slightest of missteps sealed your sentence. Perhaps the only person left alive that could call on Kenichi without fear of any (or at least much) chance of fatality was his oldest bastard, Masai Ichidai.

The de facto head of the near non-existent Ichidai clan leaned into the growth of vines behind he as he sat on the massive stone head of some deity long dead to people's memory. With a sweep of his hand, Masai brushed his crop of stark yellow-white hair out of his eyes, focusing back in on his outstretched other hand as he did. The small, peculiar screwdriver he held returned to its work, tightening the bolt that was housed in one of the sleek gauntlets that encased his forearms. Tightening and latching into place with a small 'click', a small surge of brilliantly blue lightning sparked around the brace before shooting up his arm and across his shoulders, the current tracing through the intricate but close fitting redirection suit he was wearing and down his opposite arm, electrifying the other brace. He left out a heavy sigh. Even with how dire the situation currently seemed to be, he couldn't help but be ever so slightly relieved.

"Well, at least that still works," Masai said out into the emptiness, his voice hollow as he spoke, "now what's next?"

Giving himself a good once over as he slowly stood up and dropped the screwdriver, it's metal absorbing back into the earth, he checked and accessed any other damages. The lightning redirection suit he wore, perhaps his proudest invention that turned him into essentially a living lightning rod with near no ill effects was fine aside from a minor rip in the shoulder. The gauntlets he wore had lost their electrical capabilities, but the metal still served its purpose. Knocking his right heel against his left calf, the weight of his butterfly knife shifted slightly, still in its place, though the metal plate on his left boot had been ripped off. And in his left hand he gripped the deep red, translucent communication crystal that the upper arc of the now destroyed Kyoukigakure all held and used to call upon each other. Having been so long since their last use, Masai wasn't entirely sure if the summons would work still, but he was beyond the point of caring. Something had happened, something too momentous to ignore, and whether hell or high water, Masai had to tell Kenichi
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For those who might be wondering what this thread is or who these characters are, allow me to explain. Years ago, there was a forum by the name of Departed Shinobi where I personally began my RP career. A friend from highschool joined me there and together we had a pair of father/(bastard)son characters who respectively achieved much during their prime.

These characters were related by blood, but often in conflict with one another until the latter end of the forum's lifespan. Having reconciled in some ways, they worked together with Kenichi acting as Kage to the village hidden in the madness and Masai serving as the head of village security.

Sadly, the forum eventually died, lost to use due reasons not worth going into here. Ishiba and I always regretted not having a final conclusive battle between our two characters. So, we've retconned a bit of the plot surrounding them to justify having one here.

Thank you to Fallen Blades for being a place where we can host this closure fest of a thread, and thank you to anyone who might read this thread and allow these characters to live on the memories of even just a few more people.

P.S. Apologies for how OP these characters abilities and powers might seem, we were teenagers AND newbies. Please be understanding.

Name: Kenichi Ichidai
Alias: Fornicating Jackal
Clan Traits:
Ichidai Genetic Superiority - The children born of an Ichidai will always be of "pure" blood genetically, no matter how much outside breeding takes place.

Elemental Manipulation - Ichidai are capable of using body movement, and at higher levels even simply thought, to manifest, manipulate, shape, and control the elemental chakra natures available to them. This power extends to KKGs inherited from outside breeding as well as unnatural elements granted to them via outside sources.

Massive Chakra Pools - It is not uncommon for an Ichidai clan member to possess chakra pools so large they can even rival that of a bijuu.

Elemental Summons - The Ichidai clan has exclusive access to the summoning contract for elemental spirits. The reason being that these elemental are actually Ichidai ancestors that have reached enlightenment in a given element. These elementals include KKG elements and are practically immortal unless attacked with pure chakra based attacks or their elemental weakness. Even if defeated, the elementals will eventually reform given enough time, although no quickly enough to be used again in the same battle they were defeated in unless given some of their base element to absorb.

Ninjutsu - 90% [Master]
Taijutsu - 20% [Novice]
Kenjutsu - 80% [Expert]
Fuuinjutsu - 60% [Adept]
Genjutsu - -50% [Susceptible]

Elements: Raiton[Lightning] | Fuuton[Wind] | Jyuuton[Gravity] | Shoton[Crystal]


Divine Cleaver - A blessed daikatana with a passive aura that freezes liquids within 0.5m of the blade. Living things and the liquids inside them are immune to this effect unless cut by the blade.

Crystal Shinobi Knight Jewel - A ruby tongue stud which has the mysterious properties of granting its user access to the crystal element.

Justu of Note:

Gravity Seal - Kenichi places a seal on himself for the purposes of training which imposes 10xEG[Earth's Gravity] on his body at all times. When this seal is released his speed increases explosively.

Soul Sealing Technique - An advanced Fuuinjutsu which allows the user to extract the soul of a heavily injured target and then seal it into any object be it a new body or a mundane pebble.

Essence Forging Technique - An advanced Fuuinjutsu that allows Kenichi to forcible merge two elemental summons in order to create a new summon with an advanced elemental nature.

Crystal Construction - A ninjutsu that allows the user to generate massive crystal structures allowing them to build entire cities or forests.

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Deep in the wilderness of Kaminari no Kuni, a massive tree had stood in the middle of a forest. Its branches were the home to numerous birds and insects, it's imposing figure serving as a reliable landmark to help lost travellers find their way. The tree brought life and pride to this forest...once. But now the screaming creaks of its roots could be heard as the entire natural monument to mother nature's power came toppling down. A rumbling boom sent wildlife all throughout the forest into a panic as the tree made a colossal impact onto the earth crushing a number of smaller trees in the process. The loss of this landmark was devastating as there would not likely be another like it for a thousand years, if ever. The gigantic tree had survived from ancient times until today, braving numerous great storms, forest fires, and other disasters. But it could not survive the angry fist of one man.

Kenichi grit his teeth tightly kept his clenched fist outstretched in the air where the side of that once great tree had previously been. Held within the former Kage's grip was a small crystal that pulsed with chakra sending the sound of a familiar voice directly into his mind through the smaller crystal earring he wore that was resonating with similar pulsations. "Who does that little brat think he is? Didn't he get the point when Kyoukigakure collapsed!?...Tch!" Kenichi crushed the crystal in his hand turning it into dust before reaching up to grab its counterpart at his ear. The man ripped the jewel free of his lobe violently splattering blood onto the ground before crushing it into a tiny crimson mist as well. With that, the large eight foot tall man turned on his heel and disappeared with an abrupt gust of powerful winds.

The crystal Masai possessed dissolved into dust as well, the chakra sustaining it having been cut off by its creator. However the young man wouldn't have to wait more than a day before an unnatural tempest swept through the jungle ruins stirring up pollen and sending vines dancing about like wild performers. When the winds settled and dust cleared, a snort could be heard from a location a dozen meters away. Kenichi was standing atop a slanted pillar that had the laws of the ancient and forgotten people that built this place engraved onto its cylindrical face. Kenichi's feet were trampling upon characters that listed their most important law, to not kill without good reason. Though he didn't know the language, it was almost as if the natural law that had given birth to this living calamity saw to it that he place the feeble machinations of order underfoot.


The father that had never truly been a father looked down at his illegitimate son with a stern gaze. Of course, the Jackal had chosen to place himself on a higher elevation than his spawn, as if to childishly prove some kind of unspoken point. Arms crossed, Kenichi maintained his glare and waited until Masai decided it was his due to speak...and then barked loudly intentionally interrupting him after his first word. "I left Kyoukigakure and returned it to dust for a reason you fool!" The booming voice of a giant echoed throughout the jungle sending even distant birds flying away in fear. Surrounding creatures all fled leaving the ruins disturbingly quiet after a moment of bustling. Kenichi continued in a softer voice, one filled with a profoundly deep tone of annoyance, "I am no longer your Kage and I was never your father. You better have a damn good reason for calling me out here."
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Hm, I suppose I didnt really introduce this properly at all did I? But yes, I'm Ishiba and this is a little bit of fun/score settling that I figured Fallen Blades would serve as a delightful place for. I do plan to get active around here, but I needed to shake the cobwebs off as it were, and the best way to do that is with a character I already know and love. Thanks for tolerating this whoever reads.

Name: Masai Ichidai

Alias: Rokudaime Mizukage | The Bloodstone Knight

Clan Traits:

Ichidai Genetic Superiority - The children born of an Ichidai will always be of "pure" blood genetically, no matter how much outside breeding takes place.

Elemental Manipulation - Ichidai are capable of using body movement, and at higher levels even simply thought, to manifest, manipulate, shape, and control the elemental chakra natures available to them. This power extends to KKGs inherited from outside breeding as well as unnatural elements granted to them via outside sources.

Massive Chakra Pools - It is not uncommon for an Ichidai clan member to possess chakra pools so large they can even rival that of a bijuu.

Ninjutsu - 95% [Master]
Taijutsu - 90% [Master]
Kenjutsu - 40% [Intermediate]
Fuinjutsu - 60% [Adept]
Genjutsu - 10% [Amateur]

Element: Raiton [Lightning], Kinton [Metal], Majutsu [Demon Arts/Black Magic]


Kusanagi-no-Tsuguri - The Kusanagi Sword is the Kusanagi of Japanese legend. Taking on the appearance of a standard, double edge jian, this is the legendary sword once wielded by the great Snake Sannin.

Blood Stone Shinobi Knight Jewel - A medium sized, dark green and orange flecked gem that is fitted into a bolt-like piercing in Masai's neck. When activated it glows a green color. The Blood Stone gives Masai the ability to manipulate preexisting metal and perform metal jutsu.

Snake Summoning COntract

Jutsu Of Note:

Metallic Configuration - Allows Masai to change his metal through the stages of electron configuration ranging from alkali metal, alkaline earth metals, etc, all the way to noble gases such as neon and argon, thereby changing their radiation. This, practically, would allow him to shift his metal through differents strengths all the way to diamond or to be as soft as granite in an instant.

Ahimsa - This ancient Majutsu technique allows a user to create a barrier of condensed chakra for defensive purposes. Expelling the chakra out of the bloodstream and thru the skin, these chakra shields can be summoned to any part of the body at a moments notice, and rupture all the blood vessels beneath the areas.

Inasu Jitsuzai - A Space-Time technique that allows the user to step into an alternate plane of reality that is a 1 to 1 parallel, but completely devoid of life. Mainly used for travel due to its immense strain on the body if used repeatedly.
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Post by Ishiba on Mar 18, 2017 12:14:24 GMT -5

Masai's eye twitched ever so slightly at the sound of his own name, but the gale that stormed its way through the jungle as his father arrived was more or less for show, an intimidation tactic, and without having to think on it much he held his ground. Opening his mouth to speak and being immediately interrupted set off silent mental alarms in his head causing Masai to grit his teeth. Being Mizukage he wasn't used to, nor had been subject of much, disrespect, and it seemed that Kenichi's long time away from civilization had served to erode away the calmer of his tendencies that had been acquired.

The younger Ichidai didn't miss the obvious power play of his father taking the higher ground, but rather than acknowledging it, he simply paced back and forth while he stared up and listened, looking more of a caged animal than anything. He only stopped, dead in his tracks in fact, when Kenichi spoke of having a "damn good reason" for calling him. The statement that was more of a question froze him, his limbs becoming extremely heavy and making him feel like more than anything in the world, he needed to sit down and never get up again, just become a part of this place. But he remained standing and again held his ground, now wasn't the time or place to let the emotion come. There was work to be done first. And the news.

Rolling his shoulders back and posturing in the natural way that he did when speaking as Mizukage, Masai looked up at Kenichi who had taken his usual, stubborn, cross armed stance, the one that meant he always knew more than you thought he did, and spoke.

"Kei is--," Masai closed his eyes and swallowed back that last bit of emotion before opening them, his face the perfect emotionless mask that he had learned from . . well, Kenichi, "the Tsuchikage Kei Ito has died."

Through his facade his eye again twitched ever so slightly.
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Kenichi's expression was like a chiseled statue, unmoving and without any clear emotion, as he watched Masai with a beast's keen observation. The emotional ticks and signs of unease stumbled out into the world through body language no matter how much the boy tried to hide it. The elder Ichidai could see the anxiousness and pain Masai was masking behind a tough front, perhaps there was anger there too although Kenichi didn't think the brat still had the spine for that. The rage and hatred once reflected in Masai's eyes that made Kenichi think it was worth showing him some recognition had long since faded. The bastard was always hard on himself, but life had pampered him as far as Kenichi was concerned. Masai had gone soft and the sight of it disgusted Kenichi.

When it was Masai's time to speak and he gave pause, Kenichi felt his own eye twitch, a boiling rage pumping through his blood, though the man's face did not show it. Kenichi waited for Masai to finish his declaration and then tilted his head back as if to look down upon Masai even more so than he was before. Eyes cast downward, Kenichi responded in an uninterested tone making it clear that he thought this "report" was an utter waste of his time. "And?..." The former Kage glared at Masai and gave a pause of his own. But unlike Masai's pause which was brought on by a struggle to speak, Kenichi's pause was a strong punctuation to mark his displeasure.

There would be more words from the giant of a man before Masai was given the floor once more however. Even if troubled young man did speak up during the pause, Kenichi's voice would speak over him again. "I already knew that that woman died. In doing so, she failed to uphold her end of a bargain. Did you think all those explosive tags we shipped to her were gifts? You stand here fretting over her death, entirely ignorant to the TRUE loss our clan has suffered!" Kenichi ended his little speech with a great roar of anger finally letting the conflagration of emotion inside of him explode out. Kenichi then scoffed and looked off to the side, his eyes focused on some non-existent subject off in the distance. In a softer voice that was filled with disappointment, Kenichi spoke.

"Hmph! I should have known that woman wasn't strong enough to bare my seed and grow it into fruitful new clan members. That cursed body of hers was ill suited to giving life. Ploughing her soil was the greatest mistake of my life."

There was no subtlety or respect in Kenichi's voice as he referred to Kei as if she were a mere field to be worked and reaped. He wasn't really speaking directly to Masai at this point, moreso to himself. But he spoke out loud for the bastard's benefit so he could understand the stakes that had been lost. Their clan was a dying one, hunted down to near extinction. Oblivious to Masai's feelings on the matter, Kenichi spoke thinking the boy would understand the importance of restoring their clan.
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Despite his best efforts, Masai couldn't help but stifle a smirk as his father spoke. As he continued the smirk morphed into a slight smile, then a grin, and finally as Kenichi finished his diatribe all but detailing vividly the extent of his 'arrangement' with Kei, laughter. The younger Ichidai who always seemed so beyond his years in maturity and appearance exploded with laughter, nearly doubling over as his face, for once, showed light and boyishness. His laughter reverberated of the ruins and echoed into the jungle nearly as much as Kenichi's roar had. His father's son after all. Almost with tears in his eyes, he stood and exhaled a deep breath between laughs, trying to steady himself until he looked up at Kenichi, who probably thought the boy was on the verge of a mental break if only because of his madness, before bursting out in laughter again, trying to speak through it.

"Ohhh," Masai coughed out with a laugh, "Oh father."

The boy ran a hand through his vivid white hair, shaking his head slightly. Perhaps it was the garbage of a situation his life had become; things starting so terribly, then just nearly reaching the precipice of 'okay' before, ultimately, plummeting into the chaos that it had become. Or maybe it was the nature of the situation and what Masai knew subconsciously he had to and would be doing next that spurred the madness forward. Even he couldn't tell, and he couldn't tell if that fact excited or terrified him. Regardless, there was nothing left for him, and that's what mattered.

"Listen to you! We weren't just delivering tags', 'the loss of our clan', you sound pathetic! In case you haven't noticed, there's only two of us left! I mean I knew you were mad father, but come on. And using that nuclear reactor of a woman to bare you a child? Really?" Masai spoke with a confidence and incredulity that even with all of his trying and Mizukage training, he had never mastered before, the madness fueling him now to speak to Kenichi as if he were talking to a child that couldn't solve a math problem. "If you had just asked, I could have told you that was a terrible plan. Hell, look at how she miscarried my child."

His eye twitched despite his emotions being an absolute haywire at the moment, the memory of Kei and that bubbling up. Of course he had no clue how Kenichi would take his posturing or the event itself, the death of a grandchild or more importantly, a new Ichidai, even if it had been for different, less selfish reasons than his. Perhaps he'd be shocked, even though he'd never show it? Masai didn't know, and continued however.

"All of those trips back and forth, did you think I was ever just delivering explosive tags?" Masai asked his father a bit incredulously, shocked at the assumption that his 'bastard son' could ever just be another good, order following soldier. "Our genetics were always too volatile to mix with hers. But of course you wouldn't even care to check for that would you? Tsuki attributed it to the concentration of chakra being too high and potent, but who knows." Masai gave a carefree shrug, his face lit with a serene smile that was somehow more condescending and worrisome than his tough act would ever be. Dropping his arms, he shifted the positioning of his left gauntlet on his wrist slightly, the previous problems still giving his discomfort.

"Of course," he continued, as calm and jovially as speech had been early, "Tsuki also told me legends about you, ones that even I didn't know. And how there was an beast inside you that would never be tamed, an animal that could have the world if he wanted it."

"And about how one day, i'd have to put you down. Like an animal."
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The sparked laughter incited a raised brow from Kenichi as he turned his gaze back towards Masai. It didn't take long for the former kage's expression to turn grim as cold eyes watched the display of mental and emotional instability burst out from his bastard. There were no interruptions on Kenichi's part aside from a deep breath followed by a disappointed sigh after Masai's laughter was fought down enough to begin speaking. The outburst might look like madness to some, but it was impossible to smuggle counterfeit insanity past the man that had once held the title of Kyoukikage. Kenichi saw the laughter for what it truly was, a venting of emotion.

One step carried Kenichi from his place atop the slanted pillar down unto the ground below marking the start of a very slow and steady walk towards Masai. As his son rambled on, Kenichi remained silent and void of expression as he closed in ever so slightly with each word that left the young man's mouth. The verbal thrusts and blows Masai levied against Kenichi would break against his approaching towering figure like rotted wood against a mountain. Not a single one making it past the unyielding fortress of calm that was being displayed. Kenichi would finally come to a stop just a few feet away from Masai standing there for the last few sentences of Masai's monologue.

Mention of Tsuki had been the only thing to lure any sort of reaction from the "head" of the Ichidai clan. Kenichi had always known that his position as head of the clan was simply due to the fact that no others of their kind remained alive to claim it for themselves. Tsuki had been the true final head of the clan given office by fellows of their bloodline due to respect for his awesome power. Hearing Masai speak of having personally spoken to that legendary figure of Ichidai history did throw Kenichi off balance slightly. But the man ultimately discarded it as a falsehood, unaware that Masai was actually telling the truth. Kenichi recovered his composure in a flash and was back to being stone faced by the time Masai spoke of having to personally put an end to his father.

Heavy was the gaze that Kenichi gave as he looked down at Masai, a rare look in those typically wild eyes of his. "Masai, you fell in love with that woman, didn't you..." It was not a question, but rather a statement. Pity morphed into disgust and disappointment far more visceral than what had been displayed thus far. "How foolish. There was a time when I considered fully acknowledging you as my son. You held such hatred in your heart for me. It made you strong...When did you become so soft hearted, no different from the countless fools and worms I've crushed underfoot as they pleaded for their lives? Tell me Masai, if I say you are a stain on my legacy and that I would wipe you from existence, would you too cower and bargain begging for mercy?"
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All Masai could do let out a heavy sigh, less of a breath of defeat or worry and more a response of exasperation as he walked forward steadily, closing the distance between them. Only stopping once he was in the personal space of him did he smile up at his mammoth father, the older Ichidai nearly two entire feet taller than him, as he finished, as if recalling some fond memory. His mind was blank however. He was done thinking back on anything or anyone at this point. Masai was here to kill his father and that was that, the fulfilling of a promise he had made to himself so long ago now that it almost seemed as if it were from another life. The comedy of the situation that kept a smile on Masai's face, however, was that he alone knew Kenichi's one true weakness. The one fault he couldn't compensate for through strength or cunning or brute force, and what would prove to be his downfall, was that he never believed anyone was as serious as he was.

"Ahhhh father," Masai said, shaking his head, his eyes observing the tangled web of limbs and vines encasing them for a split second, "How foolish of you to think that my hatred ever went anywhere."

With the near literal lightning quickness that had earned him the title of fastest shinobi in the world, Masai twisted his body and threw a heavy spinning back kick into the cement wall stomach of Kenichi. Knowing that this was the equivalent of kicking a mountain, Masai used his father's abdomen as a surface and kicked off hard from it, flipping into the air and landing a few feet away, his guard up and prepared for anything. The younger Ichida's one true advantage here was that without any jutsu or equipment, he was for certain faster than Kenichi was, and if he could keep the battle hand to hand, he trusted his taijutsu to the grave.

Whether he had had chances of life working out in a way other than it did, whether an alternate universe had gifted some version of him a different family and a life and child with Kei, or if perhaps his life and all of his lives in every possible eventuality had always been speeding like a bullet towards this conclusion, here he was.

The Mizukage Masai Ichidai was here and willing to commit the one unbreakable sin of the Ichidai clan, and kill his father.
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One blow and a mountain was sent flying! Kenichi hadn't thought for a moment that Masai was on the verge of actually making an attack. In fact, he had expected the boy to use his gift of gab a bit more before demanding a fight. The sheer surprise of it all stunned the former kage to the point that he didn't even react once he saw the kick coming. Unbraced and unbalanced, the large man was sent into a backwards free fall slowed to a halt within a few meters only due to the grinding friction of Kenichi's metal bottomed sandals scraping across the ground.

Dust swirled about as Kenichi came to a stop hunched over holding his stomach, his foot rose off the ground slightly and then stomped down hard anchoring himself in place and causing cracks to spread outward from the foot-shaped depression created. Then the man looked up and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth as he grinned a devilish smile. Too soft! FAR TOO SOFT! You should have tried to cut my head off if you were going to do a sneak attack!" As Kenichi shouted his words sprayed speckles of blood onto the worn tiles of the ruins. The sight of his own crimson ichor made the mad man's mind twist and melt, regressing into the primal impulses of the jackal. However, he forcefully kept those wild thoughts at bay, maintaining awareness and self control thanks to the benefits of extensive meditation and training.

"If you want to pull a sneak attack...be decisive!"

Kenichi punctuated his advice by launching his own dirty blinde side attack. From the moment he had stomped his foot down, Kenichi was using Ichidai Elemental Manipulation to send a thin branch of crystal down into the earth before turning toward Masai's location. The mental form of manipulation that didn't used physical movements to guide it were slower, but Kenichi's mastery over the technique was at the peak of what was capable. Even without coaxing his element into action with movements, it still obeyed his commands with terrifying speed. The shout was a signal for this talent to be put on full display as a dozen crystal branches suddenly erupted from the ground beneath Masai.

The crystal spines were each only a few centimeters thick making them somewhat brittle if attacked from the sides. However each one tapered to a sharp point that could easily handle the stress of puncturing even thin sheet metal not to mention the human body. The criss crossing crystal skewers rose up all at once from random angles all of which slanted towards Masai at their center, one even coming straight up from directly beneath his left foot. The only warning was a slight cracking sound in the earth less than a breaths time before the attack came.
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Post by Ishiba on Mar 22, 2017 7:40:18 GMT -5

Masai was, admittedly, caught off guard by the crystal spines that would come shooting up from beneath him. The cracking and splitting of the ground was his alarm for action a hair of a second before things began. Masai acted with the same mental element control his father had taught him to master and without forming a single hand sign, caused two metal armor encased snakes nearly as thick as small tree trunks blasting upwards from the ground in an instant. Coiling around the younger Ichidai from both directions, the Mizukage's armored toguro jutsu would shatter the crystals that would be summoned the next second with ease. The one spine that shot up from the ground until his left boot however seemed to be the only one directly underneath him, his defensive maneuver now able to stop it. With a grotesque ripping noise the razor sharp point of the needle crystal stabbed clean through the thick sole of his boot and into arch of his foot. The pain was intense and immediate, but Masai knew that an inch given to Kenichi's elements was a mile and had to act before he could capitalize. Growling and clenching his teeth so hard through the pain that he nearly shattered his teeth, he blasted a bolt of lightning through his leg and to his foot as he twisted and ripped his foot off the crystal. Electrifying it in the process and causing its burnt up brittle spine to crumble, the hole in Masai's foot sent blood splattering across the interior of his metal coil. Although it was admittedly a good shot, the pain wasn't enough to take him off focus, and as the two snakes retracted back into the ground nearly as fast as they had come, Masai took off towards his father, all of this taking merely 4 seconds or so as he kicked himself back into action.

Zipping and striking back and forth like lightning as he ran, Masai formed a single hand seal and conjured two lightning clones as he serpentined towards Kenichi, one storming up on either side. The clone on his left sped up and reached first, shooting to the ground and attempting to leg sweep Kenichi, as the one on the right stopped dead in his tracks and started forming hand seals and muttering incantations. The real Masai in the middle kicked up his right knee as he ran, launching his butterfly knife into the air directly in his path, catching it and flipping it open. As he reached Kenichi and the other clone as the sweep would presumably be completed or blocked, he lunged over the top of his clone, aiming the knife point directly for his fathers sternum.

It had been far too long since he'd fought someone with the skill of Kenichi, and as dangerous as the man was, Masai couldn't help but feel the slight tinge of excitement. The ringing in his fingers was starting to radiate to every bit of his body, as either his Ichidai blood or his deep seated love of fighting that he inherited from his father began taking over.
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Though the eruption of crystal spears was mostly countered by the swift manifestation of Masai's own unique element granted by a Shinobi Knights jewel, the ambush was merely the first step of Kenichi's full attack. During the precious few seconds that Masai used to defend himself, Kenichi stood up straight and reached out with his right hand holding his palm open wide facing his prey. The extended hand then turned clockwise and shifted with a coiling motion ending with the palm face up. This movement would cause a swirling gust of wind to build around Kenichi and then move towards his bastard son. The winds were strong enough to send paper or loose dust swirling into the air but not enough to damage or even push a human being.

The moment Masai broke free of the crystal spines to charge forward was punctuated by Kenichi closing his open palm into a fist. An act that made the remaining fragments of crystal shatter into countless tiny shards that looked like a shimmering crimson mist. The Jackal's finger then extended only to curl back towards himself commanding the winds to increase intensity as they passed Masai and reached the crystal cloud. The gust become a wild tempest concentrated into a 1m diameter which then formed a cylinder of cutting winds which contained countless sharp crystal fragments within. This tornado followed Kenichi's finger movement shooting above Masai with incredible speed only to curl downwards and engulf Kenichi from above.

A bulwark of sword-like winds and grinding crystal dust 3m high surrounded the elder Ichidai just before Masai's first clone reached him. The lightning clone would find its electrifying properties nullified by the wind element and its body detonated due to damage from both wind and crystal alike if it didn't retract its sweeping kick in time. Masai's stabbing arm would also face horrible potential outcomes if he committed to his thrust, and in vain too as Kenichi followed up his defenses with a leap upwards. Powerful legs launched the former Kage 5m into the air while he drew his Divine Cleaver. Emerging from the tornado with a demonic grin, Kenichi would toss his sword upwards slightly while making a handsign. "Mass Weapon Clone Technique!"

The now spinning Divine Cleaver was suddenly surrounded by shimmering phantom copies which quickly solidified and numbered in the hundreds. Their narrow shadows blotting out much of the light which poured in through gaps in the jungle canopy, cold steel becoming a second canopy of sorts. The real and original cleaver standing out from the rest due to its blessed power turning moisture in the humid jungle air around itself into myriad snowflakes. Kenichi would immediately follow the manifestation of these swords with a wide sweep of both open palms summoning forth more winds. The tornado below would be fading by this point, but a new maelstrom of powerful winds would stir up into existence from above.

An unmatched blast of wind exploded downwards carrying hundreds of swords with it forming a large area attack that would litter the jungle ruins with acupuncture sword wounds if nothing was done to prevent this course of action. Kenichi was at the center of it all, grasping onto the true Divine Cleaver just before the wind storm pushed him and all his weapon clones toward the earth. The wild look in the beast of a man's expression made it clear that he was enjoying the opportunity to let loose against an opponent not easily crushed. Swinging downward with a full powered blow aimed directly for the Masai in the center which to Kenichi's knowledge was the real one based on what was visible before his own crystal dust tornado obscured his vision.
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With a screech loud enough to be a horrific car wreck, Masai's left clone exploded in a spattering of lightning that danced and hissed before it fizzled out. The boy, however, would hardly notice the clone's disappearance, aside from feeling the chakra return to him. Planting his right foot and slamming on the breaks just before Kenichi would be overtaken by the wind pillar, he leapt backwards to gain some space. With a voice like a vicious growl, the real Masai yelled towards his clone over the extraordinary roar of Kenichi's tornado.

"Are we ready?!"

As his father drew the blade that he had seen slay so many many others, the younger Ichidai and his clone both knew exactly what was coming their way. The announcing of the technique was merely the most morbid of confirmations. Without a word of command from his summoner, Masai's clone, with lightning infused limbs, shifted their plan from its initial route and completed 27 more hand seals in the time it would take a normal shinobi to accomplish 3. Simply nodding to the original, both of them sharing the same steeled look before looking up and seeing through the gale at the conjured blades whirling towards them.

In less than the blink of an eye, Masai used his Lightning Teleportation jutsu that struck with an array of lightning and a clap of thunder and which places with his clone, another clone cracking into place like a whip and appearing where he once was, bringing the total of clones once again up to two. The three of him moved simultaneously to complete their defense. The newest clone threw a heavy punch to the ground, causing two dozen lightning kunai to shoot into the air at the rate of speeding bullets. Though this was futile given their affinity weakness, the kunai managed to keep their charge only just barely as they glanced off of the hundreds of copies of the Heavenly Cleaver. Their composition mostly held together by the deep core electrical charge, the short knives cracked and split as they bounced from sword to sword, the metal chipping away in tiny, errant fragments. With his punch the newest clone also summoned two thin but strong straps of metal to curl around the other clones legs, anchoring him in place against the tornado descending on them. At the same time all of this was happening, the spitting image of Masai that had been forming handseals less than a moment early threw his open right hand upwards, directly towards Kenichi and the torrent of sabers raining down, bracing himself.

"Countering Gate!"

With a sound that roared and screamed like a demon mourning it's kin that could be heard by anyone even through the storm above, a massive portal exploded from the clone's hand, circular in shape and as black as sunless space. Stretching almost a 10 foot diameter, the void was wide enough to shield both of the clones from the downpour of swords. Gritting his teeth as he held open the portal, the clone Masai's entire arm shook violently as he held the jutsu, its edges quivering as it appeared to almost breath, its surface area shrinking and expanding ever so slightly in its instability. Even with his effort, the hand and forearm of his right side began to change hue and decay in a grotesque purple necrosis under his gauntlet as he used his Majutsu energy to help reinforce and stabilize the technique.

This had been one of the very few techniques that he had managed to convince Tsuki Ichidai to teach him while the two ever so briefly travelled together. Though it had been forbidden to the Ichidai clan by Tsuki himself because of its propensity to end badly, Masai's demonstration of other Space/Time techniques had swayed him. With the Countering Gate, all that entered it would simply vanish into an infinite nothing, only ever able to be retrieved or called back to this world by the user, whether to counter attack or otherwise. Unfortunately the young Ichidai had never mastered this aspect or the technique at all, and had only barely been able to summon a sustainable one for defense only once before. Well, twice now. And if Kenichi didn't manage to change course in the mere moments before his ambitious attack would meet the gate, he would be devoured by the dark of nothingness.

With everything else going on in the same instance, the real Masai who was off to the right about 10 or so feet away from the gate didn't just sit complacent. While his clones acted and summoned the Countering Gate, the junior Ichidai focused his chakra and formed a striking chain of handseals before slamming his bloodied left foot to the ground, causing cracks in the jungle laden ruins that would be all but irrelevant. For as the deep black ink appeared underfoot, the ground crumbled and sunk beneath him as the awful maw of a gargantuan, mortifying snake exploded out, its teeth that were the size of forearms barely missing Masai's skin as it rose up and closed its mouth over his body. The swords that had already begun to land and stab into the soon to be riddled ground plunged into the summoned snakes concrete-like scales, their momentum alone carrying them into his flesh, with the wind enhancement only making matters worse as he shot back into the ground taking Masai with him. Though he was nearly dead on the impact of the blades, the snake had served his purpose and shielded his master before carrying him underground. 
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Unnatural. That was the only word Kenichi's mind could use to describe the black maw that opened up in front of him. The Jackal had fornicated many holes in his lifetime, but this one was simply too foreboding to enter. A great sense of urgency filled Kenichi as his eyes went wide and he swept one hand through the air which caused the wind currents around him to twist and change direction. Numerous sword clones plunged into the void's event horizon, consumed hungrily into a limbo from which they would never return. Stopped just a hair breadth away from the inky surface was Kenichi, his body splayed out with the Divine Cleaver in hand held just above the Countering Gate. The former kage was gritting his teeth as he felt his heart pumping wildly.

The man didn't know what fate might await him in that darkness, but his instincts demanded that the danger it posed be respected. Wind burst and Kenichi was flung into the air up and away from the maw of nothingness. Tunnel vision had made it impossible for Kenichi to witness Masai being protected by his snake, but now that Kenichi was ascending once more he was able to catch sight of the hole in the ground that resulted from the act. As far as Kenichi knew, that "Masai" should have been a clone, so it was odd there were signs of such a large fight being put up against destruction. Kenichi suspected Masai's trickery, but had no solid proof one way or the other and decided to proceed as though the real Masai were still beneath him, hiding behind that unnatural technique.

Kenichi hated using caution, staying vigilant against the unknown was seen as a waste in his violent eyes. The mad man's answer to the underground surprises Masai would be preparing with that "clone" of his was overwhelming might. Ironically a very wasteful method if you're looking at chakra costs involved, however near bijuu comprable shinobi such as Kenichi valued his ideals of strength over a pittance of chakra. The former kage landed atop one of his many sword clones which had impaled into the ground here and completed a string of signs as he reached down to place a bloodied palm onto an imaginary "surface" in the air.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu!"

White smoke bloomed and then cleared swiftly revealing a trio of summons posted up in a triangular formation around Kenichi.

Onien, The Fire Oni

Onikaze, The Wind Oni

Onimizu, The Water Oni

"Onien, Onikaze, make this place like the Oniyama Caldera. Onimizu, flood the area."

Kenichi gave his orders swiftly, not wanting to give the Oni time to realize that they'd been summoned to fight against a fellow Ichidai. They would not willingly help Kenichi kill his son, but for now the ancient Ichidai ancestors would make themselves useful.


The three Oni replied in unison as the water elemental stepped forward and seemed to swell slightly before its arms turned into massive streams of liquid that erupted outwards towards the two Masai clones underneath the Countering Gate. The watery current would be enough to sweep them away if they didn't anchor down or get out of the way. Behind the water oni, the wind and fire oni approached each other and then simultaneously punched the ground allowing their arms to overlap. The fire and wind combination would send a terrifying heat down into the ground beneath them quickly rising to temperatures that would begin melting stone into magma.

Kenichi stood in the middle of the three Oni, perched atop a sword clone with his eyes closed. A gentle wind would begin to stir around the area as he did so, gracefully brushing past everything in the jungle ruins within a large area that could be considered the entire battlefield.

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